Pishachini 21st September 2022 Written Update: Pavitra calls the police to surrender


Pishachini 21st September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rani telling Pavitra how Maddy saw the holy knife in Pavitra’s hand and alerted her, then how she changed an unknown girl to Rani and sent her in her place. A FB of the same is shown. Pavitra stands shocked after hearing this. Rani says that Pavitra will be responsible if that girl dies. Pavitra runs from there crying while the Rani and the Pishach laugh.

Dadaji says to Rani that the girl can tell the family the truth if she gets saved. Pratik says that if that girl dies, the family will think that Rani died and she can’t marry Rocky. Rani says that she has more experience than them, so she asks them to just watch the drama and learn. Meanwhile, Pavitra is regretful about stabbing an innocent girl. She calls the police station.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Rocky and his family that the patient was saved, but she’s still unconscious. He allows them to see the patient. The family asks Rocky to see Rani first. Meanwhile, Rani appears in front of the girl. She changes the girl into her original attire and kills her using her magical powers. She hears footsteps. She hides the girl’s dead body under the bed and lies on the bed. Rocky opens the door and finds Rani..

Pavitra confesses to the inspector that she stabbed someone and asks him to arrest her. Just then, Rocky and his family arrive there. Rocky says that it’s not needed. Rani tells the inspector that she got stabbed. She lies that it was an accident. She fell over the knife while dancing and got hurt. Pavitra blamed herself as she dropped that knife. The police leave. Sudhakar and Sapna refuse to forgive Pavitra for stabbing Rani. Sapna asks Pavitra to leave the house at dawn and asks never come back. She asks Rocky to take Rani inside the house. Pavitra looks at Rocky with tearful eyes.

Rani thinks that Rocky is still under his spell, so he won’t think about Pavitra. Rocky takes Rani inside the house. Pavitra bursts into tears. Rocky comes back to Pavitra, leaving Rani in the midway. He wipes her tears. Rani thinks that her spell’s effects on Rocky is reducing. She screams, pretending to feel pain in her injury to get Rocky’s attention. Rocky comes running to Rani and asks if she’s fine. Rani says that her pain vanishes when he is near her. Rocky takes Rani inside the house.

Pratik and Amrita go to Pavitra’s room. They mock her about being defeated by Rani. Amrita says that Rocky will forget Pavitra forever. Pratik says that Rani had already spelled Rocky and got him under her control. He is about to say what Rani will do to Rocky after their wedding the next day. Amrita stops him, asking him not to reveal the secret. They laugh, mocking at Pavitra. Pavitra shows Hanuman’s photo frame to Pratik and Amrita. They get scared and step backwards. Pavitra closes the door. Pavitra wonders what’s the secret of Rocky and Rani’s wedding, what’s going to happen the next day.

Pavitra and Rocky are in their respective rooms thinking about each other. Rocky angrily breaks his phone. Pavitra takes her phone to contact Rocky, but she puts it back. Rocky comes to Pavitra’s room. He stands at the doorstep hesitating to knock at the door. Meanwhile, Pavitra prays to God. She says that she doesn’t have anyone to tell about the secret of Rocky and Rani’s wedding. She says that no one in the house will believe her. She says that her grandfather told her that he would always guide her. Rocky knocks at the door. Pavitra opens the door and finds no one. Just then, Rani hits Pavitra from behind. Pavitra faints. Rani laughs.

The episode ends.