Pishachini 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Dadaji tries to alert his family about Pishachini


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The episode starts with someone knocking at the door. Shikha comes downstairs running. She wonders who could have come at this time. She opens the door and looks scared finding Pishachini. The latter seeks Shikha’s permission to come in. A frightened Shikha nods yes. Pishachini laughs and enters the mansion. She thanks Shikha. Pishachini says that now the destruction will begin. She laughs extending her nails. She attacks Shikha. The latter wakes up startled and realizes that it was a dream. She wonders what if she enters the house for real and wonders how to stop her.

Vidya comes to Rocky’s room and is surprised to find him at home. Rocky says that he decided to be with Dadaji the whole night. She shows Rocky and Pavitra’s photos clicked during Nikita’s wedding and teases him. Dadaji thinks that only Pavitra knows about Pishachini’s trunk. He wants to inform the family to contact Pavitra as only Pavitra can save them from Pishachini. He tries to it on the paper but drops the pen. Sudhakar comes there. He thinks that Dadaji is worried about Pratik and assures him that he is fine. Dadaji wonders how to make him understand that he is talking about Pavitra and not Pratik. Vidya says that Pavitra may not come to India again stating her aunt won’t allow her. But Rocky is certain that she will come.

Pratik and Amrita look aged and cry over their fate. They lament that they’re cursed for all their lives for making deal with Pishachini and wish that no one gets the same fate as them. Here Rocky apologizes to Dadaji that he has to go out that day night and assures him that Sanchit will look after him. Rocky comes to Sanchit and asks him to take care of Dadaji. Sanchit is on a call and says ok. Rocky misunderstands that it’s for him and leaves thanking him. Meanwhile, Rocky’s parents are in their room. They discuss Rocky. Sudhakar complains about Rocky being irresponsible. Rocky’s mother defends Rocky. She talks about his marriage. Sudhakar doesn’t think any girl will agree to marry Rocky. Rocky’s mother says that Rocky will get a good life partner.

Pishachini comes to Dadaji who is alone and attacks him. She lifts Dadaji encircling her around his neck and strangles him. Sudhakar wants to check how Dadaji is. Rocky’s mother stops him saying that Rocky is with Dadaji. She asks Sudhakar to trust Rocky as he can’t be irresponsible in Dadaji’s matter. Here Dadaji moves the chandelier. Pishachini drops down Dadaji and leaves when the family rushes to Dadaji’s room. They are all shocked to find Dadaji lying unconscious on the ground and wonder how he came here. Sudhakar asks where Rocky, who should look after Dadaji, is.

Rocky is shown driving a bike remembering Pavitra. He just avoids being crushed down by a truck. He reaches the airport with a plant pot to gift Pavitra. He looks for Pavitra. He sends her a voice note. He hears a girl talking on the call about her flight being canceled and goes near her. At the mansion, Shikha blames herself for what happened with Dadaji. She comes out of her room after hearing a frog. She gets scared seeing a man making a noise like a frog. Pishachini says that she is keeping an eye on them with the help of Maddy. She forcibly takes Shikha with her to the old mansion near a well.

The episode ends.

Precap Pishachini says that she will transform all Rajputs like Pishach and Pishachini. She will start with Rocky then her revenge will get fulfilled.

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