Pishachini 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Rani wants to kill Pavitra


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The episode starts with Rocky and Pavitra changing car tyres. Rocky has a romantic talk with Pavitra. Pavitra wipes Rocky’s face with her dupatta. Rocky’s hand palm has grease after changing the tyre. Rocky tries to apply it over Pavitra’s face. Pavitra runs. Rocky catches her and drags her closer to him. Pavitra smiles and hugs him. Hawayein plays in the BG. 

At Rajput’s mansion, Dadaji says to Sudhakar and Sapna that they can’t escape from him as they have to come out of the temple sooner or later. He adds that even if they don’t come out, he will find new prey and will change them into Pishachs and will increase the Pishachs count. He laughs evilly. 

Pavitra, Rocky, along with the family leave in the car to return home before the sun rises and the zombies attack them again. But they are shocked to be stopped by Rani on their way, except Shikha, who is happy to see Rani. The latter laughs madly. Rocky wonders how Rani got saved from the Agnithaal. Rani says that she will explain it. Rani says that a Pishach should stay inside the Agnithaal for seven seconds to become a human.She took her child with her who also needed to stay inside the Agnithaal for seven seconds. She says that her child is also a part of her body despite being outside her womb. So they both got a total of 14 seconds to stay inside the Agnithaal. She says that the Rajputs waited for her only seven seconds and after that, they left. She says that after they left, she came out of the Agnithaal with her child. 

Bubli asks Pavitra to find a way to get out of there. Pavitra wonders what to do. Kanika says that Rani could hear their discussion. Rani confirms that. Rani says that none of her plans is going to work. Rocky accelerates the car towards Rani. Rani suddenly disappears. Rocky wonders where Rani has gone. Kanika asks Rocky to first leave from there and asks him to accelerate the car. Rocky accelerates the car, but the car isn’t moving. They wonder what happened. They are shocked to see Rani standing behind the car and holding the car from moving using her hair. Rani reminds them that she’s their daughter-in-law, so they can’t go without her. 

Rocky, Pavitra, Kanika and Vidya get out of the car to attack Rani. They take position to attack Rani. Pavitra warns Rani to move away as she can never become a part of their family. Rani says that they’re under her control, so they can’t move from here without her consent. She laughs mockingly. Rocky reminds Rani that they captured her a few days before and they’re more determined now. Rani mocks them, pretending to be scared of them. Rani asks them to look behind them once. The Rajputs are shocked to see the zombies. Sanchit asks Rocky and Pavitra to get into the car. Rani says that they’re her army. She says that this was Maha Pishach’s army, but Pavitra helped her by killing Maha Pishach, so his army is helping her now. 

Kanika asks Rani what she wants. Rani says that she wants Pavitra to do what Maha Pishach couldn’t do. Rani says that she wants to kill Pavitra and absorb her divine powers. Shikha is happy to finally get her revenge on Pavitra. Rocky and Kanika say that Rani will never get Pavitra. Rani says that  Pavitra’s death is inevitable and adds to let see whether she will die alone or with the whole of Rajput’s family. Pavitra decides to stay with Rani. Rocky refuses to leave Pavitra alone with Rani. Pavitra says that they can’t fight with Rani and zombies at a time. She asks Kanika to make Rocky understand. Kanika agrees. Kanika says to Rocky that the family’s safety is most important right now. Pavitra says to Rocky that they can’t risk the whole family’s life. However, Rocky refuses to leave Pavitra alone. Rani repeats that she only wants Pavitra and refuses to let Rocky stay with Pavitra. Pavitra tries to convince Rocky to go along with the family. 

The episode ends. 

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