Pishachini 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Vidya finds the potli given by the priest


Pishachini 23rd September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pavitra realizing that Rani is behind the Rajputs because they are the lineage of the Rajput who killed her and put an end to her sins. She is determined to stop Rani and Rocky’s wedding at any cost. Just then she feels moisture under her feet and looks down. She sees the water filling the well. She shouts for help. Meanwhile, Sanchit says to Rocky that he still has time to change his decision. He adds that he feels that wrong is happening, but he leaves his last decision on Rocky. He asks if he isn’t doing wrong. Just then, Vidya arrives there and says that she thinks that Pavitra was saying the truth about Rani. She tells about seeing a rose tattoo on Rani’s wrist which has disappeared now. Sapna, Sudhakar and Pratik arrive there. Rocky tells them about what Vidya just told him. Rocky refuses to believe Vidya and mocks her. Sapna asks Vidya to listen to Rocky and leave. After they leave, Vidya asks why he mocked her in front of everyone. Sanchit tries to talk to Rocky. But Rocky refuses to listen to them and asks them to leave.

Inside the well, the water level keeps increasing. Pavitra calls out to Rocky. She shouts for help. Rocky senses that Pavitra is in danger and feels restless. He wonders why he feels restless. The next second, he forgets about it due to the effects of Rani’s spell on him. Rocky says that he should be happy as his wedding is that day and Pavitra is also left. She wonders then why he feels anxiety. He hopes that everything will be fine.

Vidya tells Dadaji that maybe Pavitra was right about Rani, but they’re doing wrong by ignoring her words. He asks Dadaji to help them to understand what’s happening as he has experience of it. She asks him to tell her in sign language what to do. Dadaji leaves from there. Vidya feels that Dadaji acts weird nowadays. Vidya found the potli dumped. She picks it up and wonders who threw it in the dustbin.

Rocky enters the wedding venue dancing along with his family to the song Raanjhanaa. Rani is brought there by Amrita and some ladies. Meanwhile, Pavitra is shouting for help. The dried branches circle around Pavitra’s leg and get tightened. She gerd pulled inside the water. Here Rocky and Rani sit in the wedding mandap. Vidya gives the potli to Sanchit and says that she found it in the dustbin. Sanchit says that it’s the same potli that the priest gave Dadaji 20 years ago. Vidya says that she feels that something wrong is happening, especially with Rocky. Vidya checks the potli. Rani sees this. Rani and Pishachs start to transform into their real attire when the priest tells the mantra. A FB shows how Pishachini already planned to avoid this situation by inserting cotton balls inside their ears.

Rani and the Pishachs insert the cotton balls in their ears. Vidya takes out the ganga water, holy thread and a box from the potli. Rani sees this. Rani and Rocky exchange garlands. Rani asks Shikha to take back the potli from Vidya’s hand while she ties the Gathbandhan. While Rocky and Rani are taking the seven holy rounds, Pavitra is shown drowning and shouting Rocky. Shikha tries to snatch the potli from Vidya’s hand. While Shikha and Vidya pull at the holy water bottle, the bottle’s cap opens and the holy water sprinkles on Rocky. Rani is shocked to see this. Rani thinks that she has to complete the holy rounds before Rocky completely comes out of her spell.

The episode ends.

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