Pishachini 24th November 2022 Written Update: Rocky and Pavitra capture Rani inside a cave


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The episode starts with Rani deciding to kill Pavitra while Rocky and Kanika are busy handling the zombies. Kanika says to Rocky that the only way to control the zombies is to become one of them. Rocky starts to walk towards the Zombies despite Kanika asking him to stop. Hamari adhuri kahani plays in the BG. Rocky recalls his moments with Pavitra. Rocky allows the zombies to bite him. Rocky also becomes a zombie and he throws the zombies away. Kanika asks Rocky what he did. Rocky says that he didn’t have any other option. Kanika says that he will soon become a complete zombie. Rocky asks how many hours he has. Kanika says only 24 hours. She asks Rocky to go to save Pavitra while she handles the zombies. 

Rani mocks Pavitra and asks what her last wish is. Pavitra says that she doesn’t regret sacrificing herself for the family and won’t hesitate to do it again for her family if it’s needed. Rani says that she won’t get another chance. Just then, Rocky arrives there and releases Pavitra, shocking Rani. Rani sees Rocky and says that he has become a zombie now. Pavitra becomes emotional and goes to Rocky. She asks why he did this. Rocky promises Pavitra to take her back home safely. Rani says that Rocky, who has just become a zombie, can’t defeat 200-year-old Pishachini. Rani says that they will them both. She attacks Pavitra. Rocky stands in front of Pavitra and takes it on him. Pavitra attacks Rani and defeats her. Rani understands that she can’t defeat Rocky and Pavitra now as they are powerful. So she decides to attack them once Rocky becomes a complete zombie. Rani runs and hides inside a cave. Rocky is determined to put an end to Rani and is about to enter the cave. But Kanika arrives there in a deer form. She transforms into a human. She prevents Rocky from going inside the cave. She suggests closing the cave to capture Rani and her child inside it forever. She asks Rocky to use zombie power and close the cave. Rocky obliges. Kanika makes a trishul appear. Kanika throws it to Pavitra and asks her to seal the cave with it. Pavitra obliges. Rani is shocked to see it. Rani vows to go out of the cave. Rocky says that they defeated Rani once again. Pavitra holds Rocky from falling and cries that Rocky became a Zombie just to save her. She is worried about Rocky and asks Kanika to help him. Kanika asks Pavitra to take Rocky to Agnithaal. 

At the mansion, Sudhakar and Sapna are worried as  they’re not able to contact Rocky. Just then, they hear the sound of a car and Sudhakar goes to check. Sapna suddenly sees Dadaji and he says that nothing will happen to their family as he prays to God for them. He disappears. The family comes in. Sapna is relieved to see them fine and asks where Rocky, Pavitra and Kanika are. They say that they will arrive soon. They ask Sapna about Dadaji. Sapna says that Dadaji has disappeared. They are all shocked to hear this. On the other hand, Pavitra takes Rocky near the Agnithaal. Rocky is slowly becoming a complete zombie. He says to Pavitra that he can die for her love. Pavitra cries and asks Kanika to do something. Kanika says that there is a solution. She says that Agnithaal can absorb evil power. She says that Rock has just now gotten bitten by the zombies. She says that Rocky should be given 10 drops of Agnithaal before the next twenty-four hours. Pavitra sees that there are zombies in the Agnithaal and asks what to do. She says that she has a solution to it. She throws some powder in the water. She says that this will freeze the zombie for a while. The zombies freeze. Kanika collects some Agnithaal into a glass tube. She says to Pavitra that only 10 drops should be given to Rocky. She adds that if any human consumes it, he will die. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Rani tries to find a way to go outside the cave. Kanika says that if Rocky doesn’t gain consciousness within 24 hours, he will become a complete zombie. Pavitra asks Kanika for a solution. Kanika says that there is a solution. She melts a red stone in the candle. 

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