Pishachini 30th December 2022 Written Update: Rocky attempts to wake up Pavitra from deep sleep


Pishachini 30th December 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rani saying to Rocky that he released the Rajputs as he wanted. She says that now they can watch their wedding live and cry and Rocky can enjoy watching this. Rocky asks Rani to release Pavitra too from her spell, so that she can witness her husband’s wedding and she is defeated by Rani. He says that Pavitra should also understand that Rani is the player. Rani agrees with Rocky, but says that she can’t wake up Pavitra. She says that Pavitra can wake up only when she realizes herself about the real world and remembers everything. Till that, no humans or pishach from this world can help her, as Pavitra can’t see or hear anything that happens here and none of them can go to the dream world and tell Pavitra. Pavitra can’t come out of her deep sleep. Rocky and the Rajputs are shocked to hear this. Rocky asks if Pavitra will ever come out of deep sleep. Rani says that she will kill Pavitra once they get married. 

Rocky goes to Pavitra and lifts her in his arms. Sapna wonders what Rocky is doing. Kanika assures Sapna that whatever Rocky is doing is for Pavitra’s betterment and asks the Rajputs to be ready to help Rocky. Rani asks Rocky what he is doing leaving their wedding. Rocky reminds Rani that she wanted their wedding to be special, so he is just fulfilling her wish. He says that there won’t be any entertainment without drama. Rani asks why he needs Pavitra for that. Rocky says that it’s a secret. He says that this night will be a memorable one, as there will be celebration, entertainment and suspense. Rocky asks if the Rajputs and Pavitra are ready to see what he is going to do with Pavitra. Rocky thinks that he has to make this last attempt to wake up Pavitra. 

Rocky takes an unconscious Pavitra to the wedding. He says to Pavitra to trust him. Rocky takes phere. Rani sees the full moon and asks Rocky to leave Pavitra and complete phere with her. Rocky says that phere is started and he is doing it with whom he is connected for all his life and whom he has already married. Rani is stunned to hear this. Rani is furious that Rocky is betraying her. She reminds Rocky that he is a zombie and shows the bottle in which his blood is and reminds him of his blood pact made with her. She threatens Rocky that he will die and his zombie powers will come to her without marriage if she pours out his blood. She empties the bottle and is shocked when nothing happens to Rocky. The latter reminds Rani that he promised to come only till wedding mandap and hereafter he will do what he wants. Rani recalls her own words and fumes in a rage. She angrily throws the bottle. Rocky reveals that he has become a human being and he is no longer a zombie. He says that Pavitra saved him. He further says that he fooled her by acting as a Zombie. Rocky says that he will marry Pavitra, with whom his heart is connected. Rani takes her Pishachini avatar. She removes her duppata and angrily moves forward to attack Rocky. But Kanika stops Rani by throwing a Trishul which falls on the long hair of Rani. Rani warns Kanika to move away from her way. Kanika refuses and says that she can’t touch Rocky and Pavitra until she’s there. Rani says that she will kill Kanika first, then the Rajputs. 

Rocky is talking to an unconscious Pavitra in order to wake her up. Rocky says that there’s an invisible threat which connects them to each other so that Pavitra was able to get him back from Pishach’s world. Rocky says that he is going to take phere once again with Pavitra to make her recall the feelings that connect them. Rani is unable to move the Trishul. Kanika says that it’s a special trishul, so she can’t move it. Rani cuts her hair, shocking everyone. Kanika says to the Rajputs that now it’s their turn. The Rajputs take out holy water and get ready to attack Rani. 

The episode ends. 

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