Pishachini 9th August 2022 Written Update: Rani tries to lure Rocky


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The episode starts with family trying to convince Babu ji to forgive Pratik. Just then Rocky comes to them and asks if they’re not talking about Pishachini. All gets tensed. Rocky excuses himself giving an excuse. Rocky’s siblings remind Rocky that Pishachini name shouldn’t be pronounced in this house. Rocky doesn’t believe that Pishachini exists. They get excited about meeting Pratik, Amrita and their daughter Nikkita and going to Chail.

Rocky’s sister says that Rocky may meet his type girl there. Rocky describes his dream girl. Meanwhile a stylish girl is shown traveling in a car. He says that his dream girl should be modern and stylish including her name. Meanwhile a girl is performing puja for her parents and grandparents death anniversary. A woman calls out Pavitra. She shows Pavitra her family photo and says that they would be glad to see Pavitra if they were alive. She mentions about Pavitra going to Chail in India. In the airport Pavitra’s aunt advises her to not visit Bareli in India.

Pratik and Amrita tell Rani that they have done as she told. Rani laughs and says that she’s going to meet him after 20 years. Rocky and Pavitra get ready to leave for Chail. Babu ji hesitates to go to Chail as Pratik still has the box in which Pishachini got trapped. Subhakar reminds that Pratik said that he didn’t have that box anymore in his possession. Babu performs a puja to confirm it. They get happy to see the diya didn’t blew off and the flowers aren’t turned into ashes. Subhakar says that it means Pratik is saying the truth. They decide to go to Chail. They go inside the house closing the door. The diya blows off and the flowers turn into ashes.

Rajputs reach Chail. They meet Pratik and Amrita. They take Babu ji’s blessings and they get happy when he places his hands on their heads. Amrita meets Rocky and his siblings. Pratik apologizes to Subhakar. The latter says that they forgot the past and gathered to celebrate Nikkita’s marriage. He asks Pratik about his business. Pratik tells about his hotal business and its success. Family is amazed to see the big mansion. They all go inside to visit it. Babu ji looks around worried. Subhakar takes him inside. Rani watches this smirking.

Partik introduces the family to Nikkita. Nikita gets excited to meet her cousins. Nikkita celebrate Raksha bandhan with her cousins. Rani comes there flying. She watches everything from the upstairs. Only Pratik and Amrita can see Rani and they look on tensed. Other hand Pavitra lands in India. She gets her car key and drives off. Here Rocky and the cousin’s gang help Nikkita to choose her wedding dress. Rocky hears a girl laughing and goes apart. He sees a girl swinging. Suddenly the girl disappears. He comes out searching for that girl. He hears the girl’s laugh and comes to the forest following the laughing sound. Rani thinks of trapping Rocky. He hears a car sound and walks away. He finds a girl fixing the broken flower pot.

Rocky says that she first hit it with her car and now fixing it. Pavitra says that she didn’t do it intentionally. Rocky and Pavitra argue. Pavitra mentions that she’s coming from London. Rocky gets surprised and starts to dream of Pavitra in stylish attires. He softens his tone and welcomes her inside. He helps her to take her luggages inside. He asks her name thinking it will be stylish English’s name. She says that Pavitra. Rocky and Pavitra go inside the house. Rani watches this sticking on the wall. She wonders who is the girl with Rocky. Rani gets a jerk when Pavitra opens the door.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pratik says that he will tell Babu ji the truth. Rani threatens to kill Nikkita. Rocky wishes to meet the mysterious girl. Rani approaches Rocky when he is alone.

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