Pishachini Upcoming Story: Pavitra to get defeated again by Rani


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Colors supernatural show Pishachini is gearing up for more drama with Pavitra stabbing Rani.

Previously, it was seen that Rocky refused to believe Pavitra after seeing Dadaji. Pavitra asked Dadaji how he was released from the photo frame.

She was shocked when Dadaji transformed into a Pishach. A FB showed how Prathik, Amrita and Shikha tricked Dadaji and changed him into a Pishach. Meanwhile, Rani asked Rocky if he was bothered because of Pavitra.

Rocky said that Pavitra was telling him rubbish and he regretted believing her. Rani tried to instigate Rocky against Pavitra by saying that she’s misunderstanding her for a Pishachini.

Just then, Pavitra arrived there and confronted Rani about changing Dadaji into a Pishach. She tries to expose Rani’s reality by touching her with her hand, which has a holy symbol. But Rocky mistrusted Pavitra and stopped her from touching Rani. Rani spelled a juice glass and offered it to Rocky so that he forgets Pavitra forever.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Rocky will start to drink the juice, but he will drop the glass when Vidya collides with him accidentally. However, Rocky will be under Rani’s spell as he consumes a small quantity of the juice.

He will forget Pavitra and will start to dance with Rani. Meanwhile, Pavitra will pray to God asking him to show her a way to expose Rani. Pavitra’s grandfather’s diary will burn and the fire will take a key form.

Pavitra will find the key. She will wonder how to use that key. Suddenly, the key will transform into a knife. Pavitra will stab Rani using that knife. However, she will be shocked when blood oozes from Rani’s body.

Rocky will rush Rani to the hospital. Pavitra will be shocked when Rani appears in front of her along with Dadaji, Prathik and Amrita and will boast about defeating her. Pavitra will wonder who she stabbed then.

Whom Pavitra stabbed? Will Pavitra be able to stop Rocky and Rani’s marriage?

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