Pishachini Upcoming Story: Pavitra to get determined to find the box to destroy Pishachini


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Colors supernatural show Pishachini is gearing up for drama with Rocky’s grandfather and Pavitra joining hands to stop Pishachini.

Previously it was seen that Pavitra saw a nightmare in which Pishachini tried to kill her. Rocky and his cousins come to the wood to find Pishachini. Rocky and his cousins get seperated.

Pishachini tried to come close to Rocky spotting him alone. But Rocky moved away seeing Pavitra there. The latter said that she came there hearing a voice. They started to argue. Dada ji arrived and scolded them for coming out of the mansion in the late night. He asked them to return to the mansion.

Pavitra and Dada ji had a discussion. Dada ji got shocked learning that Pavitra is the granddaughter of the priest who captured Pishachini. On the insistence of Pavitra Dada ji revealed what all happened 20 years ago.

Pavitra told him how her grandfather and her parents died in a car accident due to Pishachini and how her grandfather threw her out of the car to save her and how she was saved by Hanuman devotees.

Pavitra told about her grandfather asking to put an end to someone before dying and she understood now that he had been talking about Pishachini. Pavitra got determined to destroy Pishachini and vows to not let anyone become her victim.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Dadaji will tell Pavitra about the box in which her grandfather captured Pishachini 20 years ago. Pavitra will want to ask Pratik about the box’s whereabouts, but Dadaji will ask her to not ask Pratik as it will alert Pishachini.

He decided to help Pavitra for her grandfather who scarificed his and family’s lives for protecting his family from Pishachini. Later Pavitra will befriend Rocky and will take his seek his help to find Pishachini’s box.

Pishachini will come in the disguise of a mehndi designer and will find that Pavitra has a holy mark on her palm which was the cause for the jolt of shock Pishachini felt the day Pavitra entered the house.

Will Pavitra find the box and will stop Pishachini?

Will Rocky and Pavitra fall for each other while looking for the box?

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