Pishachini Upcoming Story: Pavitra’s entry in Rocky’s life to put hurdles in Pishachini’s revenge plan?


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Colors newly launched supernatural show Pishachini currently shows Pishachini aka Rani finally meeting her enemies after 20 years and looking for an opportunity to take revenge from them.

In the previous episode it was seen that Partik contacted Rajputs after 20 years and invited them home for his daughter’s Nikkita’s wedding. Family tried to convince Babu ji to forgive Pratik and attend Nikkita’s wedding. Pratik and Amrita informed Rani about Rajput arrival.

Rani got elated to see them after 20 years and to be able to take her revenge on them. Babu ji was scared of Pishachini. Sudhakar reminded Babu ji that Pratik told them that he got rid of her.

To confirm the same Babu ji lightened up an earthen lamp and they confirmed Pratik saying truth when the lamp didn’t blew up and decided to go to Chail. But the lamp blew up after they left confirming that Pishachini was still behind them.

Rajput family reached Chail. They met Pradik, Amrita and Nikkita. While the cousins were busy selecting outfit for Nikkita, Rocky got mesmerized seeing Rani swinging on the swing made by branches and reached the forest following her laughter. He ended meeting Pavitra who was fixing a plant pot that was hit by her car.

Rocky and Pavitra got into an argument over the broken plant pot. Rocky started to act nicely with Pavitra when she mentioned she’s from London. He helped her to get her luggage inside. Rani watched them and wondered who the girl with Rocky was. She felt a sudden jolt in her body when Pavitra touched the door handle.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Pratik will want to tell his family the truth about Pishachini. Rani will threaten him to kill his daughter.

Rocky will come to the forest along with his cousins getting determined to find the mysterious girl whom he spotted swinging. Rani will come near Rocky when he will be alone in the forest.

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