Pishachini Upcoming Story: Pishachini to finally make her entry into the Rajputs’ house


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Colors supernatural show Pishachini is gearing up for more drama with Pishachini trying to manipulate Shika to invite her into the house.

Previously it was seen that Pishachini tried to manipulate Shikha. Pishachini convinced Shikha that she could fulfill her all dreams. Shikha asked to make Dadaji well. Pishachini said that Shikha should invite her inside the house for that.

Rocky got disappointed when he couldn’t meet Pavitra at the airport. He returned home getting dejected and got a pleasant surprise when Pavitra opened the door for him. Pavitra explained to Rocky’s parents that she had to change her plan in the end moment.

Vidya asked teasingly Pavitra why she had to change the plan to which Pavitra gave the excuse of wanting to visit India. Pavitra heard Rocky’s audio message and learned that he came to the airport with a plant just to gift her.

She felt bad for Rocky after overhearing Sudhakar scolding Rocky for going outside at night leaving Dadaji alone. She tried to talk to Rocky and pacify him who was feeling guilty for Dadaji’s condition.

Meanwhile, Pishachini vowed to destroy the Rajputs’ house and change everyone in the house into Pishaach like her. She said that the Rajputs would get only two options, either they should become her slaves or should die. She said that her first slave would be Rocky.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Pavitra will see that the guests will enter the Rajputs’ house. She will realize that there are many new faces among the guest and will fear that Pishachini can take advantage of this and enter the house.

Meanwhile, Pishachini will make her entry into the house. She will laugh extending her nails and hair. Pavitra will look on shocked.

Can Pavitra save Rocky and his family from Pishachini?

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