Pishachini Upcoming Story: Rani to wait for Rajputs’ return to take her revenge


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Colors newly launched supernatural show Pishachini showcases the story of Pishachini aka Rani seeking her revenge from the Rajput family.

In the first episode of Pishachini it was seen that the story began in 2012. The head of the Rajput family handed the priest a brick brought from the land on which they are constructing their house and sought his blessings. They got scared when the brick turned into black smoke.

The priest told that their land was possessed by a Pishachini. The head of Rajput family requested Priest to do something as they sold everything to buy that land. Elsewhere in the forest Pishachini revealed her true form to a watchman before killing him taking his soul.

The priest along with Rajput family and a mob arrived there. After lot difficulty the priest managed to capture Pishachini in a holy box. Rani warned to return to take her revenge from them. He buried the box. He told the Rajput family that Pishachini could lure anyone to make open this box.

He warned them to keep the box closed else their family would get in danger. However Pratik and Amrita ran away with that box hoping that Rani could fulfill all their wishes. Family and the priest were shocked knowing this. The priest warned the family that Pishachini would return to take revenge from their family and he gave them.

After few years, a handsome and stylish Rocky is shown coming to his college in the bike. He gave that money to his one’s friend’s mother was in the hospital. At the house babu ji was furious after getting a call from Pradik after 20 years.

Family tried to convince to forgive Pratik. Elsewhere Rani saw everything and said that Babu had to come after 20 years. Another hand a girl was shown praying in a temple.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that family will convince Babu ji and they all will get ready to go to Chail. Other hand Rani is waiting for Rocky.

Rocky along with Pavitra will come home. Pavitra will hold the door hand. Rani will feel pain. Unaware that Pavitra will stand between Rani’s revenge and Rajputs, Rani will wonder who is the girl with Rocky.

Will Pishachini be able to use Rocky to take her revenge from the Rajput?

How Pavitra and Pishachini are connected? How Pavitra will stop Pishachini?

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