Pishachini Upcoming Story: Rani’s truth to come in front of Pavitra


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Colors supernatural show Pishachini is gearing up for more drama with Rocky agreeing to marry Rani.
Previously, it was seen that the family informed Dadaji that they had got an alliance with Rocky and told him about the girl. Dadaji started to doubt whether the girl was Pishachini. He took the bag which was containing holy ashes while Sudhakar took him to show him the girl.

Meanwhile, Rocky was talking with Pavitra, who was jealous about Rocky staring at Rani without taking his eyes off of her. Here Dadaji was shocked to see Pishachini. There, Rocky told Pavitra that he was going to refuse the alliance and asked Pavitra’s opinion.

Pavitra pretended that she wasn’t interested in his decision and, to prove him the same, she told Rocky that it was his life, so he should make his life decision.

Rocky said that he had made his, he was going to say no. Here Dadaji put the holy ashes on Pishachini when she took his blessings and it forced Pishachini to take her original attire for a while, but no one noticed her.

Shikha prevented Rocky from seeing Pishachini by blocking his way on the pretext of giving him juice. Pavitra forcefully placed Dadaji’s hand over his head. The family took it as Dadaji’s approval for the marriage.

Pavitra arrived there hoping Rocky would refuse the marriage. But to everyone’s surprise, especially Pavitra, Rocky agreed to marry Rani.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Pavitra will be jealous and furious after Rocky accepts to marry Rani. She will wish him luck on his marriage with Rani.

Later she will notice that Rani’s handkerchief is not burning despite falling in the fire. She will realize that Rani is Pishachini.

What will Pavitra do now?

Will Pavitra try to stop Rani and Rocky’s wedding?

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