Pukaar 10th July 2024 Written Update: Koel agrees with Mayuri’s plan

Pukaar 10th July 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Koel scolding Vedika for her decision to stay at the Maheswari’s house. Vedika reminds her that the reason behind her decision is to collect evidence against Rajeshwari. Koel shares her worry, but she asks Vedika to call her immediately if she gets into trouble. Vedika agrees. She then questions Koel. Koel gets nervous as she is busy hacking the bank account of other people. So she lies to Vedika, and then she disconnects the line.

Sagar and Vedika bump into each other. Sagar tells Vedika that he wants to tell her something about that happened yesterday. Vedika recalls the incident, so she starts apologising to him, but Sagar clarifies he isn’t talking about that incident. He then expresses his gratitude towards Vedika for helping Saraswati to become her old strong self by motivating her. Vedika says to herself that she thought Sagar was going to tell her something else. Sagar questions her for blushing, which leads Vedika to ask him to shut his mouth. She realises her blunder retort, so she apologises to Sagar. She then notices that Rajeshwari is watching them from a distance. Rajeshwari leaves with her phone fron so Vedika makes up an excuse to Sagar, then she follows Rajeshwari.

Vedika hides herself from Rajeshwari, who calls Digvijay. She worries, looking at the paper that she dropped on the floor. Rajeshwari fails to notice Vedika. She urges Digvijay to hide their important red file as Vedika is going to stay at their house. She then leaves from there. Vedika thinks that she may be able to get evidence against Rajeshwari, who has a connection with Dayal and Gautam’s death.

There, Mayuri watches the news. She learns about the Maheswari’s conducting a puja after 20 years. She also learns about expensive jewellery. She gets happy that Koel’s connection with Vedika and the Maheswari’s are going to give her a benefit. She also decides to break the friendship of Koel and Vedika’s friendship using this opportunity.

At night, Vedika goes near Digvijay’s study room, but Saraswati arrives there. Vedika gets nervous, and she lies to Saraswati. Saraswati leaves from there. Vedika feels guilty for lying to Saraswati, but she decides to find the file at any cost. She then opens the study room door, but Sagar takes her with him by closing her mouth. He then gets scared seeing the lizard, so Vedika teases him. She then enters the room to find the file while having a conversation with him. She gets scared seeing a cockroach that leads Sagar to tease her. Sagar and Vedika bickers with each other. Vedika then goes back to her room. She feels someone is outside the room, but she thinks that she is hallucinating, so she goes to sleep.

There, Koel firmly refuses to help Mayuri in her plan to steal the ancestral necklace of the Maheswari’s, but Mayuri creates a scene so Koel gives into her request Koel feels guilty for agreeing. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari instructs Digvijay about their plan for Vedika. In Vedika’s room, she senses someone is entering her room so she gets scared and she tries to run away. She realises it’s Sagar. They both argue. Then they get shocked hearing a voice from outside the room.

Precap: Digvijay and Rajeshwari get happy that Vedika is falling prey to their plan against her.

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