Pushpa Impossible 10th August 2022 Written Update: Pushpa plays antakshari with everyone.


Pushpa Impossible 10th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Manish and Sonal worried about Deepti’s future as Ashwin done have either job or house. Sonal is still upset that Deepti stayed there with them for the night but Manish says that he’s sure they would be enjoying there by now. Rashi shares her concern with Deepti about their future. Deepti assures her that everything would be fine. Rashi says that she must be thinking that what type of family she has got herself for.

Deepti agrees with her but says that it’s in a positive way. She says that she’s amazed that she got her place in such a lovely family. Ashwin is also sharing his worries with Bhaskar that everything feels like a mystery at the moment. He says that he thoughts they could get place in the small flat company offers though Pushpa don’t want to leave the Chawl. Bhaskar asks him to fight like Pushpa does to get back to her house. He encourages Ashwin.

Meanwhile, Munna arranges a bed for Chirag and Chirag asks about himself. Munna says that he didn’t straight away land in Bapodhara Chawl after coming to Mumbai and took refugee at various public places. He says he’s used to it. Prarthana comes there and gives him food. Chirag teases her but she leaves worried that Bapodhara will catch her. Pushpa shares her worries with Kaku who asks her to think about one thing at a time. She says that there’s definitely a way for her to get through it and asks her to find it. Golu is playing the flute in front of God and Kaku says that Golu is pure hearted who has no vengeance and hatred for anyone. She wishes for everyone to be like him. She consoles a broken Pushpa.

Baskar sees everyone very sad and calls them for antakshari. He urges Ashwin and they all starts singing. Deepti video calls Sonal who was surprised seeing them enjoying at such time. They all continue to play when Bapodhara wakes up hearing the sound. He video calls his lawyer and shows it for which his lawyer says that they can’t take legal action for being happy. Bapodhara joins the game to taunt Pushpa and Pushpa gives it back. Bapodhara leaves angrily. Next morning, Pushpa is sitting sad when Mahendra brings her tea. He arks her to cheer up but Pushpa is pained to see her children’s condition. She says that Deepti is not yet her daughter in law but is more than like a daughter to her. She wishes for everything to end well.

Precap : Bapodhara will stick Ashwin’s bribery news and will mock Ashwin. He will raise hands on Pushpa’s upbringing but Pushpa gives him a warning.

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