Pushpa Impossible 10th July 2024 Written Update: Anshuman goes to jail

Pushpa Impossible 10th July 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Tejaswi and the cops shooting at Anshuman and his men. Anshuman and his men also shoot at the cops.

Pushpa’s family gets a chance to rescue Deepti and they save her. Tejaswi points the gun to Anshuman. Tejaswi asks the cops to bring Sarang here. Anshuman gets shocked seeing Sarang alive. Anshuman asks Tejaswi to allow him to leave if not Deepti will be killed and reminds her that she is his hostage. Deepti and Ashwin come infront of Anshuman. Ashwin slaps Anshuman and comments on him. The cops take Anshuman away from there. Tejaswi thanks Bapodara and Pushpa’s family for their help.

The reporters take Pushpa family interview. Rashi thinks this is the right time. Rashi takes Pushpa to a side and reveals to Pushpa about her doing an ad. Pushpa reprimands Rashi as she hid the truth from her about this ad. Rashi apologises to Pushpa. Pushpa forgives Rashi.

The reporters ask Tejaswi how does she feel after catching such a big drug racket. Tejaswi gives the credit of catching this drug racket to Deepti, Pushpa and Bapodara and she thanks all three of them. MLA Raj Patil comes to the Chawl and reveals to all the Chawl members that Bapodara is given the best citizen award and Maharastra ladies award is given to Pushpa and Deepti. All the Chawl members clap for Bapodara, Pushpa and Deepti.

Manish and Sonal see in the news how Deepti helped the cops in a drug racket case. Manish and Sonal get surprised with this news.

Pushpa and Bapodara have a cricket match with all the Chawl people. Pushpa wins the match. Pushpa teases Bapodara about his loss.

Sonal and Manish come to the Chawl. Pushpa takes Sonal and Manish to her home.

Bapodara talks to Susheela about Raj Patil’s behaviour as he supports Bapodara when Bapodara is useful to him but he will not support Bapodara when he is not useful. Bapodara says he has decided to resign from the corporator position. Bapodara leaves from there. Susheela feels pain in her stomach.

Sonal reprimands Pushpa for hiding the truth about Deepti getting involved in a drug racket. Pushpa tries to explain to Sonal but Sonal doesn’t listen to her and comments on Pushpa. Sonal also says to Deepti how much pissed if she is with her. Sonal leaves from there. Manish apologises to Pushpa for Sonal’s behaviour and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Prarthna comments on Deepti and Pushpa.

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