Pushpa Impossible 10th June 2022 Written Update: Pushpa convinces Deepti by apologizing her.


Pushpa Impossible 10th April 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa coming to Deepti’s flats but security doesn’t allow her. She makes call to Deepti from security mobile. Deepti gets surprised hearing from Pushpa at such late night and comes down as Pushpa calls her. Pushpa meets with Deepti who asks her the reason for her visit. Pushpa says that she couldn’t sleep well and so came immediately to resolve the issues. She says that she came there for apologizing. Deepti says she didn’t speak anything wrong and Pushpa says even she don’t repent for what she said but is apologetic for the way she said it. She says that she did over react by getting rude towards her mother but asks her to punish her and not her son for her mistake.

Deepti couldn’t understand what she’s trying to say when Pushpa says that she’s saying about her not speaking well with her son for her mistake. Deepti refuses and says that she has no intentions of breaking up with her son and Pushpa gets happy hearing it. However she’s worried about Deepti’s parents but Deepti says she would take care of it. Pushpa feeds her sheer which she brought for her. Chirag wakes up due to loaners call and finds his mother missing. He informs it to Ashwin who panics seeing his mother missing.

Ashwin calls his mother but finds her phone at home. Deepti offers to take Pushpa home but Pushpa says she will drop her home instead and takes her to her flat. They open the door to find Deepti’s parents waiting for her. Sonali asks Pushpa what’s she doing at so late night and Pushpa says that she came to apologize. She praises them for their upbringing of their daughter and calls her unique. She then takes her leave. Sonali demands explanation from Deepti who says that she was there to apologise. Sonali asks her to meet Rahul for coffee the next but Deepti refuses. She says she loves Ashwin though he’s poor and doesn’t want to give up on him. Sonali asks if she would go ahead with the marriage even if they say no but Deepti replies that she would stay alone. She says she don’t love Rahul and it would be a cheating for him if she gives him hope. She leaves the decision to Sonali to invite whoever she wants for the coffee date and leaves.

Pushpa comes home and everyone gets relieved. They asks where she went and Pushpa says she went to Deepti’s house to create magic and goes to sleep. Pushpa is about to pour water on sleeping Chirag but then sees his sketch of her favourite actor on wall. She praises his talent. Ashwin happily informs Pushpa that Sonali invited him for tea the next day and says she really did magic. They both rejoice the news. Rashi comes to school where she gets teased for her mother’s trust on her. Her friend suggests her to make this teasing her strength and the will to score good marks in her exams.

Pushpa is chatting with her friend and Chirag teases her. They hear door bell ring and Pushpa asks Chirag to open the door. He opens the door to find his loaner. They attack him and Pushpa gets shocked. She asks what’s the matter and asks why they are beating him. They say that he took loan from them and is pretending to escape wherever they call. Pushpa gets shocked hearing it and sends her friend out asking her to lock the door. They were about to hit Chirag but Pushpa gives them her bat for them to beat well. However she says that it doesn’t help them in anyway as neither they would get the money beating nor they would gain anything if they go to court. The loaner asks what could they do when Pushpa asks them to give some time for him to repay the loan and save any future issues. They first didn’t agree but later agreed for Pushpa’s words and leaves. After they left, Pushpa angrily turns towards Chirag.

Precap : Rashi will express her helpless situation to Pushpa about no one there to help her in studies nor that she could afford tuition. Ashwin will meet with Deepti’s parents where Sonali will indirectly asks him to move out of his family with Deepti. Ashwin will immediately turn down the offer.

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