Pushpa Impossible 10th March 2023 Written Update: Dileep gives a tip to Police to trap Guru.


The episode starts with Vasundhara, Dileep and Mansi lost in thoughts. Dileep recalls Guru’s threat and recalls Vishnu’s name. He suggests giving a tip off to the Police. He leaves with them to inform DCP. Pushpa and Rashi manage to remove the blindfold and hand knot. Pushpa checks for anyone’s presence and finds the kidnappers on the other side relaxing. Pushpa tears her saree edge and ties it to the window. She resumes back to her place in her original position.

Commissioner reads DCP and Devi’s request and he calls Guru to them. DCP says that they need to save the girls for which they must pretend to get Guru released. Guru comes there and DCP asks him to release Rashi, Pushpa and Roshni. Guru says they must not order him as he would get them released once the consignment is moved. Guru leaves warning them to not act smart.

Dileep and his family comes to meet DCP. Dileep says them whatever happened. He gives the tip off to them. DCP asks Manoj to check for Vishnu’s name in their records. She also asks them to give protection to Dileep’s house as they are under threat. Dileep takes his leave while DCP is irked that they had to protect one criminal from another. Rashi removes Roshni’s blindfold too. Just then Vishnu and his men comes there with Guru on video call. Guru asks Vishnu to move aside when Pushpa asks one of his men for some water. While he leaves to get it, Pushpa hits him at the back of his head.

Roshni secures his gun saying that they need to attack them. Pushpa gets his mobile phone and contacts Devi using it. In the meantime, Rashi and Roshni hide the guy under dry gas. She explains everything. DCP gets worried for their safety. Pushpa gives them idea. Roshni speaks with Devi through phone and says Pushpa is with them and asks her not to worry.

Guru explains his plan to Vishnu. He says that he would punish both Dileep and Devi for double crossing him. Vishnu comes there and they resume to their position. He searches for his man. He calls him to find the mobile switched off. Vishnu asks Pushpa about his missing man and Pushpa pretends innocence. Vishnu thinks that he would have gone to drink alcohol. Pushpa wishes that Police track their location using their call. Devi gets the location and try to find the saree piece of Pushpa to locate them. DCP says that they need to act careful so that the kidnappers doesn’t suspect them. They get details about the girls. Guru leaves jail with Police. On the way, Guru asks for phone. On the other hand, Vishnu threatens Pushpa to reveal Yadav’s location.

Precap: Yadav wakes up and shouts Vishnu for help. Vishnu comes there but Pushpa threatens him at gun point. At a point, Raghav snatches the gun from Pushpa.