Pushpa Impossible 11th July 2022 Written Update: Rashi becomes friends with Aryan


Pushpa Impossible 11th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Bapodhara pacing around recalling Kaku slapping him. He recalls asking apology. He decides to get his revenge on Pushpa for his insult. Prarthana avoids Chirag and Chirag asks if she’s avoiding him because her father asked her to. Prarthana asks what’s the need to speak when he’s not going to listen to her. Chirag tries convincing her but Prarthana asks him to apologize her father. He says that he already apologized but Prarthana says that he did it out of getting forced by his mother. She asks him to apologize from heart.

Chirag says he will apologize and Prarthana gets happy hearing it. He says that he will apologize only when Bapodhara apologizes his mother for character assassinating her. Prarthana says it all started because of him and he needs to put an end to it. Chirag asks if she would not be friends with him if he doesn’t apologize. Prarthana says their friendship can’t happen in such situations and leaves.

Sam asks Rashi that why wouldn’t she come together with her mother but Rashi is angry at him. She breaks friendship with him for becoming friends with Pushpa. She says she found new friends and shows some boys. One of the boys named Aryan bets the other two that he would trap Rashi in his love. He comes to Rashi and writes his number on her palm. He’s sure that she would definitely call him.

Sam gets angry but doesn’t say anything. Rashi is in class with Pushpa. Teacher calls the students to read out a poem but none responds. Rashi is about to step forward but Pushpa steps forward before her and recites the poem well. Teacher and Radha friends appreciate her making Rashi fume.

Pushpa is studying English at her house loudly. Rashi gets irritated with her continuous mistakes and corrects and scolds her. Ashwin helps Pushpa and teases Rashi. Pushpa says about Nanavati giving her assignment to study English aloud and Ashwin appreciates it.

Rashi gets text from Aryan but she doesn’t respond. Pushpa makes mistake due to her tight schedule. Chirag is ironing his clothes and shares with Pushpa about how he’s guilty for Munna Pandey. Pushpa asks him to do something and solve the problem himself as Munna’s train is in the evening and he still has time. She encourages him.

She comes out to find neighbours fighting for water and Pushpa resolves their issues. Pushpa gets a registrar post but couldn’t understand English and keeps it to read it later. She goes to school. Rashi meets with Aryan who asks why didn’t she respond to his texts. Rashi doesn’t reply and leaves. He gets angry with her attitude and is about to pursue her but stops seeing Pushpa. Teacher asks question to Rashi in school but Rashi was lost in Aryan’s thoughts. Teacher scolds her for the same and Pushpa predicts that something is wrong.

Precap : Pushpa will ask Sam to read the notice which she got and Sam will say that Bapodhara has sent official notice for her to vacate her house. Chirag will plead Bapodhara to forgive him and not punish his family or his friend for his mistake. Bapodhara will give a choice to Chirag to choose between his family and his ironing friend Munna Pandey. He will say that only one among them can stay in the Chawl. Chirag and ever will get shocked hearing it.