Pushpa Impossible 12th July 2022 Written Update: Bapodhara gives a choice to Chirag.


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The episode starts with Pushpa is in school and Teacher asks a question to her. Pushpa couldn’t understand the question and asks Parminder about it. Parminder says that it’s about renewable resources. Pushpa knows the answer for it and says the answer in front of the class shocking everyone. Teacher says that she’s right but will not get any marks as she spoke in hindi. He says that she needs to write it all in English else she would get a zero. Pushpa gets upset while others laugh at her. Chirag comes to Prarthana who tries to avoid him. He says that he will apologize Bapodhara but asked her for something in return. He explains his plan to her.

Pushpa complaints to Sam about her English knowledge. She goes to Nanavati’s cabin for meeting him but doesn’t find him there. Ashwin calls her to Deepti’s home to finalise the wedding invitation. She agrees to come. Sam sees the notice and reads it out to Pushpa. He says that that it’s a official notice for her to vacate her house shocking Pushpa. She understands that its from Bapodhara and says that she will take care. Pushpa is on her way to auto when Ashwin calls her asking about her whereabout. Pushpa says about their house at stake and is going there. Ashwin understands and says about his emergency situation to Deepti’s family. Deepti steps forward to accompany and they leave

Chirag apologizes Bapodhara in the right way but Bapodhara demanded to say it in front of everyone. He mocks him and asks him to apologize in front of the colony. Pushpa and Ashwin comes there. Pushpa stops Chirag and says that Chirag will definitely apologize but before that he should give back Munna’s job and let them stay in their house. Everyone learnt about Bapodhara sent notice to vacate the house. Chirag apologizes Bapodhara and asks him to forgive his deeds and not punish his family or Munna for it. Bapodhara gives a choice to Chirag to choose any one between Munna and his family as only one can stay in the place.

Pushpa steps forward as Chirag is helpless. She asks Bapodhara to let Munna stay in his Chawl while they would vacate in a month. Saying so she leaves. Her children accused her for acting foolish but Pushpa says she did whatever is needed. She says that she don’t want anyone suffering became of her or her kids and so chose Munna. Deepti is proud of her but Rashi leaves angrily. Pushpa feels bad about Rashi.

Precap : Bapodhara and Pushpa will once again fight and Bapodhara will again character assassinate Pushpa.

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