Pushpa Impossible 12th October 2022 Written Update: Pushpa tries saving Neeelima.


Pushpa Impossible 12th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Bapodhara looking after the Ravan Dahan preparations. Pushpa wears uniform and shows it to Masterji. Master ji praises her as he recalls her childhood self. He showers blessings on Pushpa and her children. He takes his leave and Pushpa gifts her favorite father’s lantern to him. Masterji gives it back to her as he knows it value. He gives her a pen and wishes to see her reach heights. Pushpa and he children fall on his feet and Pushpa gets emotional. She forwards her hand and he take it. She guides him out together with her and the children watches proud while Master ji takes his leave.

Pushpa and her kids looks at the decorations. Pushpa goes to greet Neelima and others. Munna asks for Prarthana and Chirag says she would be getting ready. Susheela makes Prarthana ready as Ram and Pushpa and Rashi comes to meet her. They praise her while Prarthana leaves to videocall Chirag. Chirag also appreciates her look. Bapodhara finds Ramesh home drunk. He scolds him for coming drunk on auspicious day. Ramesh speaks bad about Ashwin and Neelima’s relationship. Bapodhara gets disgusted at his words and says that Ashwin is not as he claims to be. He asks him to at least trust his wife. He makes him sit and asks him not to create drama. Neelima asks Ashwin about Pushpa and is about to go with him when Ramesh pulls her towards him. He speaks ill about their relationship and takes her aside.

Prathana comes there and Bapodhara praise her outfit. They gets ready for Ravan Dahan while Ramesh beats up Neelima badly. Prarthana lights up the Ravan statue when Pushpa notices the shadow of Ramesh and Neelima. She goes there and someone hits Ramesh at the back of his head. Pushpa comes out with blood covered all over her face and everyone rushes to he. They asks what happened and Pushpa shows the way. They find Neelima standing their with a rod and dead Ramesh. Pushpa recalls trying to save Neelima when Ramesh was about to hit her with iron pan. Neelima will continuously hit him with rod at the back of his head sending him to death. Neelima happily claims that she killed Ravan while others watch shocked.

Precap : Bapodhara will blame Pushpa for whatever happened. Pushpa will ask him to behave like a woman as if there is no respect for woman then there is nothing. Bapodhara will say that it’s because of Pushpa chawl’s name got ruined. Ashwin will call Pushpa at he same and will say something to her. Pushpa and others will get shocked hearing it.

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