Pushpa Impossible 13th August 2022 Written Update: Pushpa goes to school.


Pushpa Impossible 13th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nanavati saying that he came to discuss about studies too. Bapodhara gets happy hearing it but his happiness drains upon learning what he said later. Nanavati says Pushpa that she shouldn’t compromise with her studies due to her small problems.

Bapodhara asks if all these seems to be a small problem for him and Nanavati says yes. Golu shouts at Bapodhara and Nanavati translates it for Golu. Bapodhara leaves frustrated while Pushpa appreciates Nanavati for understanding Golu in a second. Nanavati clicks selfie with Golu and says Pushpa that it is really difficult situation for her. However she shouldn’t give up on her studies no matter what. He takes his leave while Everyone appreciates Bapodhara for the person he is.

Next morning, Sonal and Manish were discussing about Ashwin and Deepti’s case to lawyer. They wonder how could they enquire without considering Ashwin and Deepti’s stands. They asks Lawyer to file a case against the firm over the same. Rashi is listening to it all. Namrata calls Sonal and extends her helps too. Sonal asks Rashi to get her tiffin.

Deepti suggests to take Rashi school and from there visiting Ashwin at Chawl. Sonal and Manish accompany her. Baskar and Ashavari feels bad for Deepti who was also caught in the issue without any fault of hers. He suggests Chirag to find proof with the help of his colleagues. Pushpa discusses with Kaku about how they are going to handle a the issues and feels bad for Sonal and Manish who had to go through so much because of her family. Kaku says they’ll understand her situation.

Pushpa learns about Sonal and Manish visiting her and goes to greet them. Sonal gives her tiffin and asks her to go school soon. Manish gives Ashwin legal papers to sign for the complaint. Pushpa feels gratitude towards them and leaves to school. Deepti, Ashwin and Baskar were discussing about checking the hotel which got booked and find the person who booked it. Ashwin is sure that Pramod would’ve made the booking from company’s travel agency. Prarthana is finding jobs for Chirag who’s sketching her. She gets impressed with it and starts preparing his resume. She gets upset that there’s nothing impressive about his resume.

Pushpa comes to school and finds Anti Bullying box. Saran explains to her that it started after Rashi’s case and says about it. Pushpa and Saran discuss about various stuffs where Pushpa complaints that English doesn’t have the heart connection compared to the mother tongue. She says it doesn’t have the feel of relations without any different names for each other. Saran agrees with her and Pushpa leaves to Nanavati’s class. Nanavati gives motivational speech about inner soul which could be felt and heart only by heart. He says that the inner soul must be motivated to fight any problems. Pushpa decides to apply it in her situation.

Precap : Pushpa will ask Ashwin to find about Damini Mehra. Ashwin will search about her and will say that she’s a social activist and is a leading lawyer. He will say that she’s also a gold medalist. Damini will come to meet Pushpa and Bapodhara will see it. Pushpa will show her locked house to Damini and Damini will ask her to share all the documents she has with her regarding the case.

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