Pushpa Impossible 13th March 2023 Written Update: Pushpa and gang arrests Guru Basin.


Pushpa Impossible 13th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Guru coming to the said location. DCP goes in asking Pushpa to stay outside. DCP rescues the girls taking the goons at gun point. Pushpa and Devi unitedly work to make preparations to attack Guru. DCP says that they arrested Pakya and his men and the girls are safe.

Now they want to only catch Guru. DCP warns Vishnu to listen to them so that his family would be safe and explain a plan to Pushpa and team. Guru gets doubtful seeing the location. He goes in and finds only Vishnu there.

Guru finds the clothes are coloured just now and his suspicion increases. Vishnu acts normal but Guru sends his men to check out. Police catch them too. Guru asks Vishnu to call Pakya.

DCP executes her plan and the ladies throw spicy coloured water on Guru’s eyes and catches him. Guru warns them to leave but Devi and Pushpa says that he would definitely pay for his sin of ruining the lives of the innocent girls.

They warn him to never underestimate the girls. Devi says that his clients got captured already and the one thing is left which is arrest. She says though he deserves to die they can’t take laws in their hands. She says that Vishnu would give a statement in favour of the government.

Pushpa salutes their bravery and Devi salutes her back for putting up with the fight. Pushpa says that when it comes to their children every woman would become a savior. Devi applies colour on Pushpa and wishes her happy Holi. Pushpa does it back to her.

Everyone waits for Pushpa and she comes there with Devi and DCP. Everyone has an emotional reunion and everyone chants for Pushpa’s victory. Deepti cries and Pushpa consoles her. Deepti asks how she would have survived without her.

Pushpa asks her not to cry anymore as she’s back. Sonal says that once again she made it impossible to I’m possible. Pushpa says that Devi and DCP are another form of Goddess who saved not only her life and also the lives of the seven girls.

Radha Kaku does their aarti along with Pushpa. Devi gets a call from the media and she calls Pushpa the real Hero. They take their leave.

Bapodhara caresses Rashi with teary eyes and Pushpa teases him. Bapodhara taunts her back in a funny way. He says that he wouldn’t have known what would have happened if the same happened with Prarthana. Golu wants to play Holi and Mahendra agrees with him.

Pushpa gets ready to celebrate but Radha asks Bapodhara’s permission to celebrate Holi. Bapodhara announces that the next day the chawl is going to celebrate Holi with lunch by Bapodhara. Everyone rejoices. Mansi says that investors are taking back their stakes upon the reveal of Dharam’s fake identity.

Vasundhara also gets the same call from Canada. Mansi says that they need to do something and Dharam assures that he will find a way and asks her not to worry. Dharam thinks it’s all because of Pushpa. He wants to get his revenge.

Precap: Vasundhara and Mansi will get upset with Dileep for again hiding things from them. Pushpa and Dileep will challenge each other to ruin the other person through the phone.