Pushpa Impossible 14th June 2022 Written Update: Police gatecrashes Deepti and Ashwin’s engagement


Pushpa Impossible 14th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Chirag worrying that Ashwin’s engagement would have issues because of his loaner creating problems. Deepti, Manish and Sonali comes there and Pushpa greets them. She introduces them to first Kaki and they greet her followed Ashavari, Bhavna, Susheela etc. Prarthana dresses up well and Chirag admires her. Pushpa welcomes everyone for the engagement and is very much excited for the same. She would even make echo and jokes that she don’t have the machine to do it. Deepti’s friends were outraged knowing that she’s Deepti’s mother in law.

Pushpa first invites for Bhavna for a Masami performance. They both dance on Pinga song from Mastani and everyone gets impressed. She then calls the hero and heroine of the day alias Deepti and Ashwin. They both dance on Raatan Lambiyan and everyone where mesmerised by their performance. Prarthana imagines herself and Chirag in the phage place of Deepti and Ashwin. The main and surprising next perforce turns out to be of Golu who dances on Zingaat and everyone joins them. Everyone enjoys the performances. Pushpa then calls Deepti and Sonali on stage for a performance.

Sonali feels caught up by Pushpa and agrees awkward. She dances with Deepti for the song Navrai Majhi. She gets emotional seeing Deepti and cries hugging her. Manish says Pushpa that the last time Sonali cries was during her Bidaai. Pushpa jokes with him. Pushpa says it’s time for engagement and calls Deepti’s family to stage. They both exchange rings when Police jeep enters the chawl. Everyone gets confused and Bapodhra asks why they are there. They say that they are there to take Chirag to custody and takes him away with them. Pushpa and Ashwin leave behind the jeep while Deepti’s family gets upset.

Pushpa asks Inspector the reason for bringing her son and Inspector says that he has connections with Kishore Khurana who leaks question papers. Chirag recalls his friend meeting Kk in his presence and says that he’s not linked to KK. He says that KK came to meet his friend and Police says they need to enquire to know the truth. Lawyer says that they can’t arrest someone without solid evidence amin accordance to laws.

Police reasons that he didn’t arrest him but just took him to custody. He’s sure that he would bring out the truth when enquired properly. Pushpa reasons that if he really committed the crime he would’ve ran away seeing them. Police doesn’t listen to any of her words. Pushpa comes to Chirag and asks him to not get scared of anyone if he’s not at fault. She also adds that she would be the most angry person when she gets to know that it was him who committed the crime. She leaves with Ashwin.

Precap : Pushpa will show newspaper to Chirag where Chirag will be accused for stealing question papers. Deepti’s parents will worry whether they made a wrong decision. Deepti will try to reason but in vain. Police will again visits the chawl scaring Pushpa.

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