Pushpa Impossible 15th March 2023 Written Update: Bapodhara Chawl celebrates Holi with Pushpa.


Pushpa Impossible 15th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashi asking Pushpa where did she go. Pushpa makes some excuse. Pushpa tries to snatch Dileep’s picture from Rashi but Rashi supports Pushpa. She says that no matter what’s between them he still tried to save her and she can’t forget it. Pushpa leaves upset.

Next day, everyone celebrates holi but Pushpa is lost in Rashi’s thoughts. Everyone drags her to celebrate Holi and she joins them. Pushpa finds Rashi playing Holi with Munna and gets happy.

She asks Munna to frame her father’s picture. Rashi’s school friends also come there she joins her. Ashwin and Deepti wish each other for their first Holi.

Sonal and Manish comes there and Pushpa and everyone attack them with colours. Sonal and Manish sees themselves through mirror. She wishes Deepti for her first Holi after marriage. Sonal gets call from her client and she has to leave.

Manish stays back. Pushpa and everyone plan to attack Bapodhara with colours. She shares it with Susheela and Susheela makes him come out. Once he’s out everyone throws colours at him. Bapodhara couldn’t identify anyone. He scolds them for ruining the chawl. They promise to clean the chawl for him and pleads him to join them.

Bapodhara finally gives in and joins them. While everyone leaves, Chirag applies colour to Prarthana as everyone left. Prarthana proposes her love to him in her thoughts and wishes to celebrate the same way every year.

Chirag also applies for Bapodhara and everyone colour Radha Kaku too. Munna brings the photo frame to Rashi and she takes it in. Dileep tries calling Bapodhara about the deal but Prarthana says that he’s playing Holi downstairs.

Deepti catches Rashi placing the photo frame of Dileep back in it’s original place. Deepti fears about Pushpa and Rashi’s relationship to hit the rock. Dileep learns that they are celebrating Holi a day later as they couldn’t celebrate Holi due to Pushpa and Rashi’s kidnap. He finds that they are celebrating it a day later to rejoice their return.

Dileep pays him a lot and colours himself with colours. Everyone dances and rejoices. Dileep gate crashes the celebration and watches Pushpa dancing happily. He enters Pushpa’s house and colour gets into Rashi’s eyes.

She leaves to wash her eyes when Dileep comes there. Rashi gets scared seeing him and Dileep reveals that he’s her father shocking her.

Precap: Pushpa will see Dileep leaving her house.

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