Pushpa Impossible 16th July 2022 Written Update: Rashi vents out her frustration on Chirag.


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The episode starts with Pushpa is studying the spellings as her assignment given by Nanavati. Chirag comes there and asks what’s she doing. She says about her assignment given by Nanavati. She learns two new words from Chirag. Chirag offers to help her with cooking while she would study. They both have a fun time as Pushpa mocks his roti and Chirag teasing her. Rashi comes to Ashavari who’s hanging her husband’s picture with family on wall. She decides to find solution from Ashavari discussing about Aryan with her. Ashavari gets her husband’s call and she gets busy with it and Rashi leaves without sharing with her.

Chirag is with Munna who asks if he thinks Prarthana will help him going against his father. Chirag says Prarthana always stands by truth and it is why she’s friends with him. Prarthana comes there and gives him a chit where her father ordered food from Pushpa’s tiffin center. She says that she couldn’t find any agreement papers. Chirag says handwritten notes are not of much help but still keeps it and thanks Prarthana.

Rashi sees Pushpa studying and thinks whether she should share her problem with Pushpa but is also scared that she would create a scene in front of everyone in school. When she’s about to go to Pushpa she hears door knock by Bapodhara. He brings new tenant to take a look at the house and Pushpa gets angry hearing it. She lashes out at Bapodhara and asks the tenant to find some other place as there’s dispute going on between them. The tenant leaves learning about it. Bapodhara leaves challenging Pushpa. Witnessing it all, Rashi backs off from saying anything to Pushpa.

Pushpa is studying and Rashi is busy looking ay her mobile. Chirag tries saying Rashi to study like Pushpa but Rashi vents out her frustration on him and blames him for Bapodhara asking them to vacate the house. Chirag feels bad and Pushpa says Ashwin that Rashi is behaving weird from past few days. Ashwin goes to speak with her. He persuades Rashi tk to say what happened. Rashi instead of saying about Aryan says she’s worried about Bapodhara.

Ashwin says that Pushpa is able to overcome so much problems only because she doesn’t fear the opponent and asks her to do the same. He says her fear is opponent’s strength. Rashi feels relieved. Manish visits Pushpa with sweets and papad. Pushpa serves him and Manish says that Sonali went to temple to keep first invitation to God and he’s there to give second invitation to her. Pushpa happily accepts it. Manish offers Pushpa to stay in his house in case she couldn’t win against Bapodhara.

Precap : Pushpa will get the bad news that they are stay order appeal got rejected in court. Pushpa will vent out her frustration to Radha Kaku who’s facing trouble because of Chirag and Rashi. Rashi will come to Aryan’s birthday party.

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