Pushpa Impossible 16th September 2022 Written Update: Pushpa fails to give her test.


Pushpa Impossible 16th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Deepti about to help Pushpa study when Pushpa gets a call. Ashwin asks her to concentrate on studies and attends the call. Pushpa’s old customer Usha Ben lashes out at the degraded food quality for the past few days. She also called Ashwin as servant which furiated him. Ashwin warned her to mind her words and started lashing out at her despite Pushpa asked him not to. Ashwin furiously cuts the call. Usha again called Pushpa and this time Pushpa snatched the phone from Ashwin who’s still angry. She managed her by apologising her and accepted her mistake. She was even ready to not get money for the food because of less taste. Usha’s anger died down and she conversed rationally with her. She understood Pushpa and cut the call. Everyone laughed at Ashwin as Usha referred him as servant. Ashwin is irked but soon joins their happy moment.

Pushpa is with Mahendra and shares how important the test is for her. She asks Golu to pray God for her to pass the test. Golu assured her that she would pass for sure. Pushpa wanted blessings for both her and Nanavati who was struggling for her studies. Golu played the flute. Next day Pushpa and Rashi got ready to go to school. Ashwin and Chirag made them ready and Ashwin showered advises at her about how to handle the exam. Pushpa recalled doing the same for Ashwin in his childhood and got emotional. They both went to school and Pushpa prayed well before entering the exam hall. Both she and Rashi gave their best.

In the lunch break Pushpa shared with others her oat pizza. One students asks them whether they would like to have his food but they said they already had theirs. Rashi says attending Opera coaching classes helped her a lot while Pushpa thanked Saran Sir for his help. Saran sir comes there and jokes with Pushpa. He wishes her all the best for the afternoon exam. Pushpa starts giving exams when one by one many students starts falling sick. Pushpa rushes to help them leaving her exams.

Saran called ambulance and Pushpa recalled Nanavati having a herb which could be an antidote for poison. She gave it and Nanavati and Saran gave it to all students and took them to hospital. The parents came rushing there when Doctor comes out and says everyone are out of danger as they immediately gave the antidote. Saran and Nanavati credits Pushpa. Nanavati says that other students can write retest on medical grounds but Pushpa can’t shocking her.

Precap : Pushpa will get felicitated for her timely act while Nanavati will say that the students can reappear in test on medical grounds. Parents will ask about Pushpa but Nanavati will say that it’s not possible for her to give retest according to rules.

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