Pushpa Impossible 16th September 2023 Written Update: Rashi is locked in a empty classroom

Pushpa Impossible 16th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with the conversation between Deepti and Aswin. She is asked about her career but she is in dilemma about it and prefers to handle the house. Aswin comes to know that his mother has gone to the work. Aswin offers his siblings snacks treat which makes Rashi and Chirag excited. They also tries to cheer up Rashi as she has been thinking about Dushyant.

Here, Pushpa and Juggal reach in the cultural centre to exhibit their products. Pushpa gives an idea to exhibit the products outside of the centre. Though, Juggar feels irritated with this weird idea of Pushpa. But seeing the encouragement of Pushpa, Juggar starts to help to arrange the product in a aesthetical order. Juggar doesn’t feel motivated regarding the business but Pushpa hopes that customer of cultural centre will be attracted by their products. When Juggar feels upset, Pushpa describes an anecdote of J K Rowling and Sudha Murti. Juggar mindfully listens her and gets confounded realising her wisdom. Suddenly they notice some customers are coming towards them. They get ready to project their works.

Though the security of cultural centre tries to evacuate them and asks them to show their licence. Hearing their threatening words, Pushpa asks Juggar to control his anger, otherwise they will be sent to the police. Meanwhile, Gayatri Kejriwal, the chairman of cultural centre orders them to evacut the space and insists them to bring all the products in her own cabin. She explains that it’s illegal. Coming in the cabin, Pushpa are asked to sell their products but she doesn’t agree. Gayatri asks them to co-operate with them. Pushpa describes her problem to Gayatri and luckily she arranges a stall for Pushpa.
Pushpa and Juggar acknowledge the greatness of Gayatri.

In the college, Rashi notices she is being observed by Dushyant. Seeing his attitude she feels irritated. Dushyant provokes her to follow him to a empty classroom. He gets up in the second floor through the stairs. As soon as Rashi reaches in the second floor, Dushyant hides himself and observes the action of Rashi. Meanwhile, to search him, Rashi enters in a empty classroom and suddenly she is locked from outside by Dushyant. She also doesn’t have the phone as she gave it to her friend. Rashi tries to escape from the room through the window.

Here, Bapodara attempts to set up his daughter with Jagtap’s son. He wants to know the following career of Dushyant. Jagtap says his son will follow his dream freely as they don’t have any pressure of financial. Bapodara gets excited when he learns that there is no pressure of caste in Jagtap’s family. Though he tries gives the proposal to Jagtap but he leaves the house before hearing him out. The wife and daughter of Bapodara gets disappointed learning the cunning intension of Bapodara.

Episode ends.

Precap : Pushpa complains to Jagtap against Dushyant. Later, Dushyant decides to take revenge on Rashi.

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