Pushpa Impossible 17th August 2022 Written Update: Rashi believes her father is like Manish.


Pushpa Impossible 17th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Manish dropping Rashi at school and Pushpa greets him. Manish jokes with them and soon takes his leave. Rashi says Pushpa that Deepti is so lucky to have such a cool father and wishes for her father to be alive who could take care of her the same way. Pushpa ignores the topic. Chirag happily says to Prarthana about getting called for an interview. Prarthana gets happy but also asks him to not hope high as its just interview call. She decides to get a good shirt but Chirag asks her to not get her father’s shirt. She says it’s someone else’s but hey doesn’t want other people’s clothes for his important first day. Prarthana convinces him and Chirag asks her to lie that the artist went out of station.

Ashavari is pretending to be ill and both she and Baskar put up an act like they were going to Maldives. Dr. Leena says she just went to Maldives and gives them the card of the one Pramod suggested and another one which she actually went. Baskar and Ashavari thanks her and leaves. At school, Teacher is taking class about role of a father and Pushpa asks why not mother. Teacher gives her an explanation and everyone starts saying their views. Rashi says that she never met her father but she was sure he would be a heat) great person. Pushpa recalled how worse her father was. They both argued where Rashi claimed that their life would’ve been better if father was present. Pushpa doesn’t know what to answer.

Chirag attends the interview but doesn’t get hired due to no experience. He complaints about it to Prarthana who says that this is what Pushpa told him about outside fight. She asks him to not lose hope and leaves with him. Pushpa visits Nanavati and they both discuss about gardening. Nanavati asks her to take gardening classes on Friday as he’s leaving the country for few days. When Pushpa asks the reason he says it’s because of her and says that the foreign schools got to learn about him taking her in school and wants his idea to implement the same in their school. Pushpa praises it while Nanavati asks her to get help from Saran in his absence.

Baskar, Ashavari, Deepti and Ashwin visit the travel agency and asked for their previous clients details for review. They gets shocked when both Leena and Ashwin’s name were present even when they didn’t go through the travelling agency. Someone stole a purse from a girl and Pushpa helps her retaining it. The girl thanks Pushpa as it had her grandmother’s last identity. Pushpa says she knew value of such things and leaves greeting her.

Precap : Deepti will be said innocent i newspaper and Ashwin will get furious that only he is portrayed as the culprit. He will accuse Sonal for the new show and Deepti will ask him to mind about public. Ashwin will leave angrily.

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