Pushpa Impossible 17th June 2022 Written Update: Pushpa sells her priceless possession for Rashi’s fees.


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The episode starts with Deepti meets with Pushpa and gives her the money for Rashi’s coaching class. Pushpa immediately refuses but Deepti asks whether she would deny if Ashwin gave it to her. Pushpa says to her she’s definitely her daughter but the thing is she like to fight her own fights and asks whether she wants her to escape from her fights. Deepti agrees and is proud of Pushpa. Pushpa looks at sleeping Rashi and recalls her lash out. She goes to get cupboard and picks a patoda saree.

She recalls her husband abusing her to give the saree as its an antique one and he can sell it in city for higher price. Pushpa didn’t give it to him and fought for it. She recalls her father explaining ti her the importance of the saree he weaves and little Pushpa asks why is he teaching his daughter all this. Her father told that he lost her mother while trying to get a son and so she’s all he have.

Little Pushpa asks if the saree they wove is very expensive. Her father tells her that it’s preciousness can’t be calculated with money but wit its legacy. He asks her to keep it safe and pass it on to further generations as it’s a treasure. She cries at her helplessness to sell the saree but is happy to do it for her kids happiness.

 Next morning, Pushpa asks Rashi to he ready as they would go to get her admission in coaching class. Rashi asks if she managed to get the money and Pushpa nods yes. Rashi gets excited and thanks Pushpa. She apologizes for her rude behavior earlier. Pushpa says its fine as that’s what helped her to have the courage to find a way. She asks her to go and get ready. Chirag comes there and gives her his earned money and Pushpa gets shocked seeing 5000. She asks how did she get it and Chirag says that it’s because of KK sketch and it’s his money sent for his work.

Pushpa gets happy and praises his art. She asks him to use the money to pay his debt. Rashi meets with his friend in coaching class and they leave to have snack. Chirag brings Pushpa to a textile shop and Pushpa Sat’s that she’s there to sell her saree. The salesperson refused to accept it but Pushpa ads him tk call the owner.

The owner comes and checks the cloth. He’s surprised that’s its an antique and asks Why’s she selling it. She says that she’s need of money and asks him to check it. The owner checks it and says sn amount about what is needed but Pushpa asks only her needed amount. Owner leaves to get the money while Pushpa went to trial room.

Pushpa wears the saree and looks herself at the mirror. She also recalls her husband abusing her for the saree. She then recalls her father’s words. She says he was right about the patoda and says it can’t be anymore precious than this. She clicks pictures of herself in the saree and cries. Pushpa soon wipes her tears and changes her dress. She comes out and Chirag understands her condition. She gives the saree to the shopkeeper and gets the money.

Chirag drops Pushpa and calls her. He asks if she’s fine. Pushpa says that she would buy something better if she sells anything. Chirag promises her to buy many such saree for her once he starts earning. Pushpa teases him and asks him to drive slowly and sends him off. While going in she finds Rashi drinking cool drink with the boy in a single bottle with two straws. She hides herself before Rashi could see her.

Precap : Pushpa will rush to join her neighbours who are fighting with officer for poor water supply leaving Rashi’s coaching admission. She will fight with the officer who will get angry at Pushpa’s behaviour. She will completely cut off water supply. Bapodhara will ask Pushpa to take responsibility.

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