Pushpa Impossible 17th March 2023 Written Update: Dileep’s open challenge to Pushpa.


Pushpa Impossible 17th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Bapodhara’s friend asks Prarthana’s hand for his son Jai taking Bapodhara in shock. He says that there is only limited-time for his stay in India and after marriage Prarthana will also shift with him to London. Bapodhara recalls Prarthana and Chirag’s closeness and gives his consent for the wedding. Rashi removes Dileep’s picture and Pushpa shares it with Kaku. Deepti asks Rashi if her love for her father ended with removing the picture. Rashi says that Pushpa wants to removes Dileep permanently from their life but asks if it’s possible. She says that it’s her who always talked about giving second chance and asks why don’t Dileep deserve one when Aryan can.

Kaku also says Pushpa that removing picture doesn’t mean that he’s removed from Rashi’s life. She makes Pushpa understand that she’s not wrong neither is Rashi. She asks her to handle it with care. Pushpa again hangs the photo but with garland around it symbolising that he’s dead for her still. Next day, Rashi leaves alone again and Pushpa shares with Ashwin and Chirag about Dileep’s visit. They both get angry but Pushpa says they need to be careful in handling it else they would lose Rashi. Bapodhara calls Prarthana for a talk. Bapodhara shares with Prarthana about her wedding planned suddenly. Prarthana gets worried.

Sonal is astonished with Dileep’s audacity to visit Pushpa’s house without any fear. She’s worried about Deepti and how she would handle all this as all this is unfamiliar for her to handle. Ashwin says on the contrary Deepti handled it too well and also consoled Pushpa. He shows few designs to Sonal but Sonal is worried about Deepti and Ashwin’s life. She thinks that it’s best for them to move away somewhere but wonders how to talk about it.

At school, Nanavati announces that Pushpa and Rashi performed well in their exams and appreciated them on behalf of everyone. He asks the students to inform to management whether they are continuing their 11th and 12th grade in the same or different school so that they could organise. Pushpa is with her friends when she says that she would continue in the same under the guidance of Saran and Nanavati.

Rashi says that she wants to join different place in order to try new things. She wants to try on film institution or Joseph college. Pushpa says it’s very far away but Rashi reminds her own words that they should do anything for education. As everyone leaves, Dileep calls Pushpa who lashes out at him for visiting her home in her absence. She reminds him of their deal during divorce. Dileep says that only their marriage ended due to the divorce and says that he will visit Bapodhara chawl at 11:30 tonight shocking Pushpa.

Precap: Dileep visits Bapodhara chawl at said time and Pushpa gets angry seeing him .

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