Pushpa Impossible 18th July 2022 Written Update: Susheela and Pushpa’s bond.


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The episode starts with Manish suggesting Pushpa to move to their house in case they couldn’t find a new house. Pushpa says that she’ll come for sure but rejects it indirectly. Manish says people need to learn to say no from her in different way. Pushpa says she can’t take advantage of their courtesy. Manish agrees and takes his leave. Ashavari is lost in a song happily when Pushpa comes there with her books. She joins her and they both enjoy. She teases Ashavari. Ashavari is surprised that she managed to live her life without a man in her life.

 Pushpa says she do have men in her life from Amar, Mahendra to Chirag and Ashwin. Pushpa says that it’s not necessary for the man to be a husband in anyone’s life. She says even friends and kids are enough to fulfil the place. Ashavari asks about her exam the next day. Pushpa says her plan that she has three chapters for next day’s exam but she for sure can’t complete it. She says in order to pass its enough of she thoroughly read half of the portion. Ashavari appreciates her and they starts preparing.

Next day in school everyone are worried about exam. Parminder is cool about it as he doesn’t he care even if he doesn’t pass. Sam asks Rashi how she prepared and Rashi doesn’t answer right. Pushpa asks Sam about Rashi who says that she’s still upset. She asks him to ask her question from the chapter she studied and he does. Pushpa answers it well. Teacher comes there and praises Pushpa for her hard work. Pushpa credits Ashavari for it.

 Teacher as Rashi whether she would win competing against her mother. Rashi rudely replies that she only competes with her age people. Pushpa says she’s her own competition. They start the class. Ashwin’s rival Mr. Bharadwaj asks him to let go the illegal way for retaining his project and Ashwin gets irked. Deepti asks Ashwin why he’s tensed and he says about house issue. He says that though he trusts his mother he wants to arrange s back up like a rental house for safety. Deepti understands him and agrees to accompany him to find one.

Pushpa visits Namrita who’s surprised with her attire. She serves her tea and Pushpa narrates about her issue with Bapodhara. Namrata asks her to let her lawyer contact her so that she can see what can she do to help her. Pushpa agrees and is about to leave. Before leaving she also thanks her for calling out her uneducated behaviour which is why she found the urge to resume her studies.

Namrata calls her impossible. Pushpa coves to Chawl and Susheela immediately drags her aside to apologise her for Bapodhara’s deeds. Pushpa says it’s fine and asks her to help to find proof to help her with the stay order. Namrata assures to help her. Bapodhara comes there and both hides immediately. Pushpa jokes with them and Susheela gets emotional and hugs Pushpa.

Pushpa is proud of her friendship and assures that she won’t go anywhere. Aryan keeps disturbing Rashi but Rashi avoids him. Aryan swears to defeat Rashi. He’s revealed to be the son of Ashwin’s colleague Mr. Bharadwaj.

Precap : Pushpa will get a bad news from Amar that her stay order plea got rejected. Pushpa will vent out to Kaku of Rashi missing and her losing the case. Rashi will be coming to Aryan’s birthday party. Pushpa will be fed up of facing all the problems at a time.

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