Pushpa Impossible 18th June 2022 Written Update: Everyone blames Pushpa for the mishap.


Pushpa Impossible 18th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa hiding and watching at Rashi speaking with her friend. Rashi comes to Pushpa and Pushpa is astounded with the coaching class infrastructure. Rashi meets her friend Disha in who asks if she is joining the classes too. Rashi says that she had paid the admission fee and just wants to do get admission. Rashi leaves with Pushpa to stand in queue and get the admission done while she would go and get their study materials.

Once Rashi leaves Pushpa couldn’t understand what’s written and asks another lady what’s X. The lady says that it’s not X but the roman letter 10. Pushpa asks why would they use Roman there and mocks it. Everyone passes comments on her uncivilised behaviour. Pushpa stands in queue and plays loud music and enjoys it. Another lady asks her to not disturb others and switch off the music. Pushpa shuts it grudging. She stands in like and reaches the counter only to know that she stood in wrong counter line. She asks the lady who helped her earlier that why didn’t she say she was standing in wrong line and the lady scolds her for being uneducated and disturbing her.

Pushpa fights with the lady when Rashi comes there. Pushpa scolds her too. She gets Bhavana’s call and learns that the assistant commissioner in office is not responding well for the water problem. She cuts the call saying that she would be there soon and asks Rashi to get the admission done and come back home soon. She leaves the place.

The ladies are arguing with the assistant commissioner Namrata who is saying that it’s not their fault and says Tha they might be having problems with their pipeline. Pushpa comes there and lashes out at her for failing in her duty to serve the people. Namrata gets angry at her words and says that she’s there to serve and not be her slave.. They both engage in argument as Pushpa loses cool when she calls her uneducated and out of fury, Namrata will say that she would make sure that they won’t get a drop of water for Chawl and leaves angrily.

Everyone present there blame Pushpa for her behaviour and venting out her frustration on wrong place. Pushpa stands helpless. Bapodhara scolds Pushpa for acting like a leader and resulting in the current situation. Pushpa blames him for not even trying to help and making excuses. Bapodhara asks her to solve the issues herself. Pushpa’s friend invites her for tea and makes her understand where she went wrong. Pushpa says that she lost cool when people kept calling her uneducated but He makes her understand the difference of opinion in society.

Chirag is exercising while Rashi is arranging her books. They both mock each other. Pushpa comes there and asks Chirag about the new shirt but Chirag lies that it’s his friend’s shirt. Pushpa sees a stain on the shirt and asks him to give it to her so that she can wash it. Chirag refuses fearing that she would find that it’s Bapodhara’s clothes and makes some excuse. He manages to escape from there. Sonali is discussing with Deepti and Ashwin about the wedding plan.

 Sonali’s friend Namrata with whom Pushpa fought earlier comes there. Sonali and everyone greets her and she introduces Namrata to Ashwin. She asks Namrata about her job who says about meeting a rude lady and her behaviour towards her. She expresses her hate towards Chawl people while Ashwin feels uncomfortable.

Precap : Ashwin will scold Pushpa for not having a control of her emotions. He will lash out at her for behaving the same way with outsiders like she does with Chawl people. He will say that the person she fought with is Namrata Shirodkar who is a good friend of Sonali. He will say that both she and Sonali are of same age group but have massive difference.

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