Pushpa Impossible 18th March 2023 Written Update: Dileep claims his rights on Pushpa’s House.


Pushpa Impossible 18th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Roshni meeting with Rashi as she’s leaving abroad soon. She says that her mother is insecure about what happened with her and so wants her to leave early. Rashi says that Pushpa’s condition is no better. Roshni asks Rashi to give a chance to Dileep given what he did for her. Rashi says that the situation is not as simple as she says. Roshni takes her leave. Pushpa is on her way home and is scared about Dileep’s threat.

Vasu is still not sure about their divorce. Dileep says that it’s necessary to save the rest of the property. He assures that he would be with her. Vasundhara says he’s with her but not together. However she agrees having no option. Pushpa shares with Amir about her fear of losing her children. Amir says that it’s not easy as Ashwin and Chirag are grown enough to make their own decision but it’s not the same for Rashi. However he still trusts Pushpa’s upbringing.

Prarthana is not ready to meet any groom but her mother convinces her to give it a try. Ashwin is still working and Deepti asks her to sleep. Ashwin says that it’s important for him to come up with new ideas. He regrets worrying about Sonal by sharing with her about Dileep’s visit. Deepti says she found him extremely tensed from the time he took up the job. She asks him to quit if he finds it over burdened. Ashwin says he can’t keep finding ways to escape as problems arrive in all cases. Deepti agrees with him. Dileep calls Bapodhara and asks how he could name his ownership on Pushpa and have her name board on the door. Bapodhara reasons that after death the ownership automatically shifts to nominee. Dileep says that he’s alive and wants her name plate replaced by his and cuts the call. Bapodhara gets tensed.

Kaku finds Pushpa tensed and asks what happened. Pushpa shares with her about Dileep’s threat. Just then Dileep himself comes there on said time and Bapodhara also notices it. Pushpa angrily comes to him. Before she could talk Dileep brought two chairs and sat on one of them. She asks what’s all this as she’s not interested in speaking with him.

Dileep says even he didn’t come to talk with her. He signals Bapodhara to sit and Bapodhara sits with him. Pushpa leaves angrily. Dileep asks how much he needs to re-transfer the house in his name. Bapodhara makes it clear that the transfer is done with his fake death rituals. Dileep threatens him to change it. Bapodhara says he needs to speak with Pushpa.

Dileep asks why would he need to include a third person when they both are the concerned parties. He wants to change the name board at all costs. Bapodhara asks why he would trouble his own family and asks him to have some humanity. He says he has everything. Dileep reminds him about his own fault and asks him to not give him advice. He leaves asking him again to change the name board. Pushpa is about to question. Kaku stops her and asks her to wait for Bapodhara to approach himself.

Precap : Rashi will visit Dileep saying that she has some questions for him. Dileep says that she has the full right to question him ,confront him or even punish him and ask her to go ahead. Kaku agrees to stand by Pushpa in whatever decision she makes. Pushpa says that from today she’s no more Pushpa Patel but just Pushpa.

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