Pushpa Impossible 19th January 2023 Written Update: DCP is not ready to give up yet.


Pushpa Impossible 19th January 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Mansi calling Ashwin to say what happened in the hospital. He gets shocked and apologizes her. At home, Rashi asks Pushpa the reason for not answering the exams. Others divert her from asking about the reason when Deepti asks how could she let her efforts go in vain. Pushpa says that she went blank and doesn’t remember the answers. Rashi confronts Pushpa and everyone the reason for hiding something from her. She says that she might be young but is not too young for them to share the problems. Pushpa manages the situation lying that she just forgot answers due to tension.

Rashi notices the band aid in Ashwin’s hand and asks about it. He lies that he did blood donation. Pushpa jokes and lighten the environment. Susheela is thinking about Bharti and Bapodhara asks what she’s thinking so much. She says that she was thinking about Bharti and Sunny and suggests him to give their share of properties to them. She says that she doesn’t want someone else’s money as after Prarthana’s marriage there is no need of them for so much money. Bapodhara thinks about it and calls Bharati. He says that he’s coming there to meet them and Bharti agrees.

Bharti says Sunny about what Bapodhara told and Sunny says that it’s good that he himself is coming there. Bharti asks if he spoke with Bharat’s friend and Sunny says he did. He recalled his friend showing him a picture of Bharat and his lover Shefali . he told that he married Bharti for the pressure from his father and continued his affair with her even after marriage. He suspects that Narhari would have made use of the situation to blackmail him to get the properties on his name. however, he says that Narhari really loved his brother and would have not thought that he would commit suicide. Sunny says everything to Bharti except about the affair. DCP comes to hospital where Ashwin a and family are already waiting. DCP asks about the DNA test result and Doctor says that it’s negative. Everyone sighs in relief while DCP gets shocked.

Ashwin happily says it to Pushpa who breathes in relief. She comes to Dharam and apologizes for her behavior and leaves with her family. DCP and Dharam also apologizes Pushpa for troubling her. Mansi asks DCP if her doubts are cleared and DCP asks her to wait out as she needs to speak with Dharam in private. Pushpa happily shares with Kaku about result negative. DCP says that it’s ready for him to manipulate DNA result when he could do so much. She shows him the family tree paper and says that she knew that he’s Dileep. She challenges to find the truth soon and calls him Mr. D until then.

Precap : DCP will say Pushpa that she still needs her to prove Dharam is Dileep. Pushpa will ask why she’s troubling her still and DCP will say that it’s because she’s running away from the truth. DCP will say that she will keep coming back as she’s the only way for her to expose Dharam.

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