Pushpa Impossible 19th September 2023 Written Update: Bapodhara is confused to choose between Pushpa and Dushyant.


Pushpa Impossible 19th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Viren praising Pushpa for making such a great workshop in such a short place. He greets gee family who looked angrily at him. He asks why they see angry at him and continues taunting Pushpa. Pushpa tells that he has got scared of their victory. Viren tells that a small victory doesn’t change anything. However he praises her victory as a woman. Jugal mocks him for praising woman for the first time. Pushpa says that he’s used to only keep women in his control. Viren tells it’s true and says that they are just a few people fighting with a hundred times powerful Viren. Jugal mocks him that Kauravas were hundred people too but they were knocked off by 5 Pandavas. Viren leaves challenging Pushpa and family.

Deepti is applying medicine to Pushpa while Pushpa winces in pain. She is worried about how to handle the issue as she had to handle the business but also wants to collect proof against Dushyant. Mahendra comes rushing to her crying saying that Ayushi has proved in court that Golu is her daughter and he doesn’t know what to do. Pushpa gets worried. Susheela and Prarthana taunt Bapodhara for not helping Pushpa but instead trying the fix his daughter’s alliance with someone like Dushyant. They mock him and taunt him while Bapodhara feels guilty as Susheela reveals that it’s actually Chirag who saved her from the storm. She asks him to act with humanity if not for friendship.

Rashi is preparing for the speech and everyone applaud her. She is worried about how she would present but everyone encourage her. The family suggests to go with her but Rashi wants to go alone. They insists but she refuses. Deepti decides to find a way to attend the event without Rashi knowing it. Susheela Apologizes Pushpa as she couldn’t convince Bapodhara to help her. Pushpa asks her not to feel bad. She decides to deal it straight with Dushyant and Susheela says she would accompany her. On the other hand, Bapodhara is spending sleepless night as he recalls whatever happened. Dushyant visits the audition hall secretly with a plan to avenge Rashi.

Precap: Jagtap gets angry Pushpa as she complaints about his son to him. Rashi is hosting the show when Dushyant swears to get all his revenge at once. He makes a black paint fall on Rashi while she was hosting.