Pushpa Impossible 1st August 2022 Written Update: Pushpa couldn’t come to court.


Pushpa Impossible 1st August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pramod getting Ashwin’s file from Gupta and smirks as he offers a promotion offer to him. Sam and Parminder follows Rashi in another auto. Sam calls Pushpa and urges her to come to Rashi’s location since there’s a problem. Pushpa stops the car and gets down with Ashwin.

She asks Chirag and Deepti to go ahead while they will be back after some work. She will gets in auto with Ashwin. Rashi comes to Aryan’s place and calls him. She recalls Meghna’s advice and switches on the video to record the happening. Aryan comes there and Pushpa calls Sam to take care of whatever happening.

Aryan comes to Rashi as she switches on the video recorder and Aryan asks her to apologize. Deepti and Chirag wait for Pushpa in court while Bapodhara taunts them. Deepti calls Ashwin who says that Rashi is in problem and asks her to manage in their absence. He calls Rashi inside the house but Rashi refuses as she don’t trust him and calls his friend out so she could apologize her. Aryan doesn’t agree and forces her to apologize coming in but Rashi firmly refuses.

Sam and Parminder are watching them hiding. Pushpa comes there with Ashwin they tok witness their fight. Aryan threatens Rashi to viral hee picture but Rashi doesn’t get affected and asked him to do whatever he wanted. Pushpa stops Ashwin from interfering as the furious Aryan viral the picture. Pushpa, Ashwin and everyone gets the picture. Aryan runs away seeing Ashwin.

Bapodhara’s lawyer scolds Pushpa for being careless about the case and asks for judgement in their favour. Deepti explains that Pushpa got stuck in an emergency and pleads Judge for an excuse. Judge postpones the hearing date the next day. Pushpa confronts Rashi about Aryan who breaks down and confesses whatever happened.

 Ashwin gets angry and is about to go back of Aryan but Pushpa stops him saying that they should teach a lesson to everyone like Aryan. She asks Rashi to not cry as she isn’t at fault and leaves with her and Ashwin. Chirag and Deepti also gets Rashi’s picture while Chirag is very much upset. Ashwin calls Deepti and asks them to come to school.

Precap : Pushpa will be scared about the court’s decision. Bapodhara will outsmart Pushpa while Aamir Bhai will go speechless. Judge will be about to give judgement in favour of Bapodhara.

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