Pushpa Impossible 1st July 2022 Written Update: Saran introduces himself to Pushpa.


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The episode starts with Pushpa saying that it was her admission process taking place inside. Saran mocks her and Pushpa gets irritated when she speaks negative. Saran pacifies her and they continue plucking fruits. Pushpa hurts the guy’s head by mistake. Pushpa apologizes but he leaves saying yrs fine. The guy comes to meeting hall and he’s revealed to be Saran sir. The others asks if he’s fine and he says yes. Ashutosh says about Pushpa’s admission voting getting a tie. He says he knew as its Pushpa who had hit him.

The teacher thinks that he’s going to vote against Pushpa but Saran gives his vote in favour of Pushpa. He says that Pushpa is someone who wants to go out of box to learn things and he would appreciate her for it. Teacher says that it’s against rule but he says rules are meant to be broken. He adds that it’s really shameful of them if they refuse to give admission to Pushpa whose only intention is to study and so gives nod to give admission to Pushpa.

Ashutosh comes out and asks what did she do. Pushpa asks whether she did any mistake. He points that she was plucking mangoes and Pushpa apologizes. He plucks a mango too and keeps it with the remaining mangoes symbolically saying that she got another vote. He says she got admission and Pushpa gets emotional hearing it. She cries in happiness and says that her admission is done. Rashi sees her crying and thinks her admission is not done and thanks God. Sam calls Rashi for class and Rashi leaves. She sits sighing. She says that she’s feeling bad as well as good seeing her crying. She says she would feel awkward if she studies in her school.

Pushpa comes there asking for Rashi’s class and Rashi hides seeing her. Pushpa looks around the class and recalls the time she cried before leaving her school as her wedding was fixed. She took blessings before entering the classroom. She imagines her class teacher welcoming her to her class.

Rashi wonders what’s Pushpa doing in her class. Pushpa sits on the bench and acts like she’s behaving in a class. Rashi gets confused while Pushpa comes back to her sense. She writes on board as Pushpa class X D and Roll number 28 and leaves happily. Rashi immediately wipes it off once she left. Pushpa looks at cycle and recalls practicing it with the help of her father. She recalls her father advising her to ride the cycle with her self confidence.

Saran comes to Pushpa and congratulates Pushpa. He reveals that he’s Saran shocking Pushpa. Pushpa asks why didn’t he inform her that before but he says that he wanted to know about her. She says he’s a bit weird and he agrees. Pushpa says to him about her father teaching to ride cycle. He asks whether she wants to try but Pushpa os scared. He encourages her and makes her ride the cycle. She asks him whether he’s like that from childhood and he says yes.

She says that he’s mad like her and he gets stunned. She says that he brought back her childhood self and Pushpa bonds well with Saran. She asks what was he doing when he met her and he says he was testing her and takes his leave. Pushpa likes him. Rashi barges in Ashutosh’s cabin and lashed out at him for giving admission to Pushpa in English medium when she had zero English knowledge. He tries calming her but she continued lashing out at him.

Precap : Pushpa will say that she did all the small and big works for her children. However her self respect got hurt when her own children called her as uneducated and uncivilised. She will step into school in school uniform. Pushpa’s new journey to start.

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