Pushpa impossible 1st March 2023 Written Update: Vishnu’s demand to release Roshni and Rashi.


Pushpa impossible 1st March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with chawl people learning about Rashi’s kidnap. They get worried while Bapodhara says Susheela that he suspects Dileep’s hand behind the incident. Guru gets the news that one more girl along with Roshni got kidnapped but Dileep doesn’t know that it’s Rashi. Pushpa is worried about Rashi but DCP sends her home assuring that they would definitely find Rashi. Rashi and Roshni are seen tied up by Vishnu, Guru’s ally. Pushpa comes home an everyone consoles her and asks her not to lose hope.

Deepti tries to give food to Pushpa but Pushpa is to worried about Rashi that she refuses it. Susheela shares with Pushpa about Bapodhara’s doubt. DCP asks Devi to recall any of her old enemies who’s linked with kidnapping racket and Devi recaals Guru challenging to avenge her for sending him to jail. She says the same to DCP. They wait for kidnapper to call Devi. Pushpa wants to go to Police Station as she can’t sit there when Rashi’s life is at risk. She prays God before leaving while Golu assures her that they would find Rashi for sure. Ashwin and Chirag follow her.

Roshni’s blindfold gets removed and she finds more girls along with her and Rashi. They say that they are trapped here for two weeks. Rashi gets scared but Roshni assures her that her mother would save them. Rashi worries for her mother. Guru joins hands with Dileep for his help in getting his revenge. Dileep gets phone from Guru’s man and calls Vasundhara. Vasundhara picks the calla nd Dileep says that he made two cat fight and he will benefit from it. He assures her that Devi will bail him out for sure and asks her to take care of Mansi. Devi gets call from Vishnu and Police tracks the call. Vishnu demands for the release of Guru in 24 hours and also for moving a consignment .

Devi agrees to fulfill his demand but it is not possible within 24 hours. She says she needs time for it and he assures to keep Roshni safe until then. They cut the call and it’s confirmed that Guru is behind the kidnapping Racket. Devi gets worried as Guru is a cold-blooded criminal. Pushpa comes there and says she can’t sit calm at house. She expresses her suspicion of Dileep behind the kidnap. They refuse as their target is only Roshni and not Rashi. Among their talks they realize that Dileep a nd Guru are in the same jail. Devi wants to make use of it.  She decides to help Dileep bail out and in return get his help to track Guru. Pushpa doesn’t agree to it as Dileep is no less of a criminal. Devi asks her to think rationally as now they need Dileep’s help to save lives of Rashi, Roshni and seven other girls and Pushpa has no option but agree.

Precap : Devi will meet Dileep in jail. She will introduce herself and will ask for his help to track a criminal. Dileep will taunt her and Devi will ask whether he would help her or not. Dileep will smile at her.

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