Pushpa Impossible 1st October 2022 Written Update: Pramod gets Pushpa arrested.


Pushpa Impossible 1st October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pramod Bharadwaj accusing Pushpa for instigating Aryan to fight with him. He says that he disappeared after the fight and blames Pushpa for it. Rashi says that she already told her not to trust Aryan. Nanavati suggests him to first go to police to find Aryan. Pramod leaves warning Pushpa. Pushpa’s kids scolds Pushpa for getting involved in Aryan’s issue and getting herself into difficult situation. They worry that Pramod would involve Police but Deepti says he can’t do anything about it. Pushpa wishes that Aryan comes back safe. Rashi leaves angrily.

Ladies comes to Pushpa to discuss about menu. Deepti comes to make tea and Ashwin follows her. Pushpa teases him and Ashwin romances with Deepti. Deepti brings tea for everyone and notices lipstick maek on his cheeks. She tries signaling him but he couldn’t understand. Pushpa notices it and teases Ashwin without others noticing it. Ramesh comes there and a scared Neelima gives him money. Everyone gets disgusted with his drunken attitude.

Police comes there and Pushpa and others gets confused. Pramod comes with police and asks Inspector to arrest her. Bapodhara comes there and enquires about it. He taunts her and leaves. Ashwin tries explaining but Inspector says that its just normal enquiry. Pushpa agrees to go with them and Rashi asks her to remember that after her he has got her trapped. Pushpa leaves with police while aryan watches it hiding in chawl itself.

Bapodhara asks Prarthana to bring the shagun envelopes. She had no option but takes the envelope to Bapodhara. He finds the envelope empty and asks about the money. She says that she kept the money safely in another place. Bapodhara asks her to bring it as he has planned to deposit the money in back in her name. Just then Chirag calls Prarthana and tells her about his mother’s arresr. She immediately rushes to Deepti. Chirag suggests Rashi to call Nanvati and she does. She informs whatever happened to Nanavati . Nanavati who was in meeting explains the situation to others and winds up the meeting. He heads out with Saran when they gets shocked seeing something.

Precap : Rashi will lash out at her mother for helping Aryan and ending up in a difficult situation. Ashwin will lose his cool when Rashi crosses the limit and will lash out at her. Everyone will get shocked seeing his anger including Pushpa.

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