Pushpa Impossible 20th August 2022 Written Update: Pushpa discuses about the case with Damini.


Pushpa Impossible 20th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Chirag meeting Rashi at school while dropping Pushpa. Rashi shared with him about how Sonal is worried regarding the article fiasco and Chirag says Ashwin is worried about the same. He asks her about how Pushpa studies at school and she says as always and praises her. Pushpa is discussing about studies with Sam and Parminder. At school, Pushpa recalls Kaku teaching her about freedom fighters and leaders of great movements like Savitri Bai, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar etc. Teacher takes the same subject and asks if anyone knew what they did and Rashi says that they were responsible for ending sati and child marriage and many other evil customs of the society.

Pushpa recalls trying to recall their names using films name and Kaku confronted her for it. She says that it’s because of them now they got the right to vote and take decisions else she would be dead long back due to sati practice. She adds that Rashi would be in her in laws by now and she would he wearing a white saree and will be in home. Pushpa apologizes for her mistake and Kaku says that they did so much for their welfare and the least they could do is remember their names. Pushpa agrees. Teacher asks the students to say the names without seeing book and Pushpa recites it all on one go. She also says that it’s necessary for them to remember their names well who did not so much for the people.

Pushpa goes to Sonal’s House with Rashi and gets greeted by Manish. She hears Sonal lashing out at the article writer for still not publishing the corrected article. The magazine writer says that he would lose his job but Sonal shouts at him to get it done or else asks him to face legal action from her side. Pushpa gets emotional hearing it and teases Sonal for shouting for the first time. She says she feels very much happy to know that she’s not alone in fighting for Ashwin. She says that not even for a second she thought that they would have given such article against Ashwin and they both feels relieved. She says that she’s about to meet Damini Mehra next and takes her leave. Pushpa meets Damini Mehra who asks her about the agreement and other case details. Pushpa lashes out at Bapodhara and says that Bapodhara never gave her the agreement copy.

Bapodhara is talking with Susheela when Asthana calls Bapodhara and says about Damini fighting Pushpa’s case. Bapodhara recalls her to be the one who visited the Chawl and Asthana says if the case gets reopened then he can never stand a chance against Damini Mehra. He also adds that her per hearing fee is 3 lakh. Bapodhara wonders whether Susheela gave her the money but Susheela questions him back that how he has so much money in the first place. Baskar scolds Ashwin for even doubting someone like Deepti and urges him to call her. Ashwin says let her call him first and Baskar leaves fed up of his ego. Later, Ashwin himself call Deepti but she didn’t pick up the call. He thought she’s showing attitude. Deepti calls back seeing missed call and Ashwin doesn’t pick up this time. Deepti is also irritated with his ego.

Precap : Damini will be late to court and Bapodhara’s lawyer will take advantage of the situation. Judge will question Aamir whether Damini will come or not. Pushpa will wonder why Damini is not there yet.

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