Pushpa Impossible 20th January 2023 Written Update: Sunny confronts Bapodhara for the past.


Pushpa Impossible 20th January 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa and Kaku happy over the Dileep fiasco getting over. Pushpa invited everyone for snacks and served everyone their favorite dish. Everyone laughs and enjoy the moment. Pushpa serves Paav Baaji, lasagna and many more. Mahindra looks accusing at Pushpa and Pushpa hesitates to meet his gaze. Sunny and Bharati re waiting for Bapodhara when Bharti asks Sunny to maintain his calm while speaking with Bapodhara. Bapodhara comes there and announces that he’s ready to give their share of money from the property and Bharti gets happy hearing it. Sunny takes Bapodhara in private while asking his mother to get hem tea. He says that he no more needs his money.

Bapodhara asks if he doesn’t need money why did a create mess in the redevelopment joining hands with Mansi Raidhan. Sunny says that it’s because then he didn’t knew that about his father’s affair with Shefali and that he blackmailed him using it to get his share of properties. Bapodhara gets shocked hearing it. Sunny says that he loves his mother a lot and doesn’t want her to learn the ugly truth which is why he kept it a secret from her. Bharti serves them tea and Sunny says that Kaka is taking him to treat a good Gujrati thali.

Pushpa gives her exam with Aryan writing it for her and completes it well. Nanavati comes there when Pushpa says that she did well this time that too without any fear. Aryan leaves when Nanavati asks the reason for her trauma. Aryan says Rashi about how Pushpa gave her exam well this time. Rashi says that she still needs to find the reason for her worry because of which she was tensed. Aryan asks if she has any clue about it but Rashi says she doesn’t but she will find it out soon.

Pushpa says about what happened to Nanavati and Nanavati is bewildered that there could be this much of coincidence. However he’s happy that it’s relieved. Mansi and Dharam come home when Mansi say that she herself started believing that he could be Dileep and is really relieved now. Dharam says that he felt the same but Mansi says that she can’t think about sharing him with anyone. Dharam suggests her to leave the Indian Branch to trusted person and leave with him Canada to be peaceful. Mansi says she has someone in mind whom she could trust with a Dharam asks who it is.

Ashwin says Deepti that he can no more work in Raidhan a s it’s too much for him to handle. Mansi takes Ashwin’s name as she trusts him for his honesty and they have to pay for his gratitude too. Dharam is hesitant that whether she would be alright and Mansi says she is. DCP meets Pushpa outside and narrates about a guy changing his complete identity using Jogi Dhayal to live a new life and say that it’s Dharam. Pushpa says that fingerprint and DNA tests turned negative but DCP suspects that it’s tampered. She wants her help in finding the truth but Pushpa is not ready to be involved anymore. She asks her to stop running away a s no matter what she would use her to expose Dileep.

Precap : Mansi and Dharam will be about to leave to Canada and Mansi will ask Ashwin to take care of the Indian branch. While they were about to leave, Dileep learns that ticket is cancelled and will get angry when DCP comes there.

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