Pushpa Impossible 20th July 2022 Written Update: Pushpa gets dumped with problems.


Pushpa Impossible 20th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa noticing Rashi still not started to write and signals her to start writing. Rashi struggles to write exam while Pushpa writes it sincerely. After exam, Rashi would be on her way to coaching class in auto but Aryan keeps calling her for birthday party. Rashi recalls her brother’s words to not get influenced by her opponent and picks the call and lashes out at him. Aryan doesn’t listen and continued troubling her. Rashi angrily turns the auto from coaching center to Party place.

Ashwin and Deepti were present in front of a real estate person who asks them to have a look at the flats available. Ashwin sees it and says Deepti he can’t afford a flat and wants space in some Chawl. Deepti suggests to move in to a better place and Ashwin gets angry and asks whether he mom wants it to match her status. They both leave and fight outside. Ashwin leaves angrily leaving Deepti.

Pushpa after her exam gets in auto and goes to coaching center. She asks to meet Rashi and the receptionist says Rashi didn’t come there that day. Pushpa gets worried and calls Rashi but Rashi avoids it thinking it to be Aryan. Amir bhai calls Pushpa and gives her the bad news that their stay order plea got rejected. He says Bapodhara planned it well and as he said tye opposite lawyer was crooked enough to break their points. Pushpa feels helpless.

Pushpa comes home and searches for Rashi but finds her not there too. She gets worried and calls Ashwin but Ashwin cuts her call busy with work. After the work he recalls his fight with Deepti and calls her but she avoids him in anger. Manish and Sonali notices it but decides to let them handle it on their own.

Rashi comes to the party and meets Megha who invites her to join too. Rashi says she didn’t come to party and goes in search of Aryan to confront him. Bapodhara gets happy upon knowing that Pushpa’s plea got rejected and happily flaunts about it. Susheela curses him that he would definitely regret his actions one day and gets worried for Pushpa. Pushpa vents out her frustration to Kaku saying that Bapodhara is about to throw her out of the house and to the top of it she doesn’t where Rashi went.

She couldn’t tolerate the pressure binding up all at once and cries. Ashwin calls his mother who shouts at him for not picking up the call. She says about Rashi missing and Ashwin says he would find her and cuts the call. Kaku calms down Pushpa asking her to worry one at a time and advises her to handle things calmly. Pushpa couldn’t understand what she would do without a house.

Rashi calls Pushpa and she immediately picks it up. Rashi says that she’s at Megha’s house for assignment and will be back soon. Pushpa scolds her for not informing her beforehand but Rashi says that her phone was in silent and cuts the call. Pushpa gets even more frustrated but is atleast relieved that she’s safe. Her next worry is regarding Bapodhara and wonders how to save the house. Kaku consoles her. Pushpa is discussing with Amir, Mahendra and Chirag about how to save the house but they couldn’t find a solution.

Precap : Rashi will be forced by others to dance with liquor. Aryan’s friend will click her picture in a way that she’s enjoying the party. Rashi will get shocked seeing it. Pushpa will lash out at Ashwin as Rashi will not be back home yet.

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