Pushpa Impossible 20th September 2022 Written Update: Pushpa on cloud nine


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The episode starts with Chirag arranging everything for his new shop opening pooja. He shares it with her mom. Deepthi comes there along with Ashwin. Pushpa scolds Chirag for not mentioning Deepthi as Bhabhi. He manages the situation there. He asks Pushpa about her exam preparations? She assured to him that she prepared well. They wishes good luck to them. Chirag invites Deepthi to attend the pooja in evening after her office. She assured to him. Later, Pushpa meets Mahendar. She settles the amount to him she got from court. She thanked him for helped her a lot in her tough times. She invited him to attend Ashwin and Deepthi’s wedding.

Pushpa prays god to help her finish her exam well. Her friends blessed her that her prayers will be fulfilled. Pushpa thanked them and invited them to attend the evening Pooja and her son Aswin marriage too. They assured to her. Pushpa and her daughter are preparing for their exam inside the auto. Pushpa gets a call from Susheela. She informs her about Chirag’s new shop opening ceremony. She asked her to make sure Prarthana attend the pooja than disconnects the call. Susheela complaints that she disconnects the call after she gave all responsibility to her. Later, Pushpa writing her exam. She feels happy to see her daughter writing her exam well. Meanwhile, Susheela shares to Prarthana about Pushpa’s request. She asks her how will she attend it when dad is here? Babothra demands Prarthana to give medicine. She gives it to him. Susheela assured to her that she will manage the situation. She pretended like she has stomach ache. Babothra and Prarthana inquired her what happened? She asked him to take her to hospital. He wishes to take her near by hospital but she was adamant to consult Pragya doctor.

Prarthana shares with them that she will accompany them. Susheela denied it reasoning that someone might be in home. Susheela signals her to stay in home to attend the pooja. She nods with her. Pushpa and her daughter are discussing about their exam. Prarthana informs to Pushpa that she will attend the pooja. Later, Susheela reaches to the hospital. But hospital is closed for some reason. Susheela demands her husband to take her to another hospital. He assured to her. Meanwhile, Pushpa performs the pooja along with Chirag and Prarthana. Susheela tries her best to contact Pushpa but none attend her call. She fears to get caught.

Babothra noticed crowd in front of his house. Prarthana hides behind Pushpa seeing her father. He caught her red handed. He inquired her why is she here? She lies to him that she was here to collect the rent amount from them? He appreciates her and demands her to give it to him. Everyone stays quiet there. He tries to insult Pushpa there but Prarthana pays her own money to him. She blabber to him that she attend the pooja. She realises her mistake and manages the situation there. He takes the sweets from Pushpa without interest. Later, Chirag opens Deepthi’s gift. It’s a dream caughter. He appreciated Prarthana for managed her dad well. Deepthi noticed the bond between them. Later Deepthi’s parents pranks Pushpa.

Episode end

Precap: Pushpa share to her mother-in-law that tomorrow is her result. Teacher distribute exam papers to students.

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