Pushpa Impossible 21st July 2022 Written Update: Chirag outsmarts Bapodhara.


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The episode starts with Pushpa, Mahendra and Aamir discussing about how to save the house in between Ashwin’s marriage expenses. Pushpa says that one problem at a time and says right now her main problem is to save her house and they need to find a solution for it. Aamir suggests her to get her hands on the agreement papers if it’s present and if its not even present then it could get in their favour too. They all together decides to go to ask Bapodhara for the papers. Chirag is about to follow them but Aamir stops him and explains a plan to him.

Rashi is looking around searching for Aryan. Aryan’s father Mr. Bharadwaj comes there and asks Rashi to enjoy the party and Rashi nods. Aryan sees Rashi in the party. Pushpa and others asks Bapodhara for the papers but Bapodhara refuses to give it as it could turn against him in court. Pushpa argues with him but Bapodhara behaves arrogant. Chirag starts video recording it upon Aamir’s saying. He provokes Bapodhara further and Bapodhara giving statement against himself and Chirag records it all. Pushpa drags Chirag away for ruining things by provoking Bapodhara.

A girl in the pretext of attending her phone gives the liquor to Rashi to hold. The others forcefully makes her dance and Aryan’s friends click the pictures. It’s presented in a way that Rashi us enjoying the party with liquor. Pushpa angrily confronts Chirag for his stupidity. Chirag plays the recording explaining their plan to trap Bapodhara and Pushpa gets happy. Her friend says about Baskar’s return and everyone rushes there. Pushpa greets Baskar who congratulates her for resuming her education. He’s equally happy to see her. Pushpa credits Ashavari for it and Ashavari says it’s their wedding anniversary the next day. Pushpa says she would take care of the catering.

Baskar asks about Ashwin and Rashi. Rashi comes to Aryan who invites her for a dance saying that he has won the bet he kept on her. Rashi recalls her brother’s words and Pushpa standing fearlessly against Bapodhara. Rashi angrily lashes out at Aryan for sending her improper text messages and disturbing her. She says that she has saved them all and would definitely complaint to Police about his harassment. She warns him to respect girls before leaving. Aryan feels insulted in front of everyone and decided to get his revenge on Rashi. His friend showed him the pictures of Rashi with liquor.

Pushpa and the family were worried as Rashi was not back home yet. Finally Rashi comes and everyone lashes out at her for being a so late and also not answering the calls. Rashi shows her the phone and says it was switched off due to dead battery and scolds Pushpa for overreacting. Pushpa gets angry at her for bunking coaching class for some assignments but Rashi goes in not paying heed to her. Chirag controls her and goes to speak with Rashi. He makes her understand that Pushpa was just worried and asks where she was as he knew she was lying. He says she don’t have to say if she don’t feel to but asks her to share with him if something troubles her. Rashi agrees and hugs him. Chirag calls Deepti but Sonali picks the call saying that she’s resting. Ashwin cuts the call asking her not to disturb her and Deepti thanks Sonali. Pushpa sees Ashwin worried.

Precap : Pushpa will be nervous about test result. Parminder and Rashi will fail the test while Sam will pass it. The teacher will then take Pushpa’s name.

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