Pushpa Impossible 21st September 2022 Written Update: Kaku’s emotional breakdown remembering her son.


Pushpa Impossible 21st September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa asking whether she wants to postpone the wedding. Sonal says that it’s not that but she’s worried whether she could do it. Pushpa encourages her to go ahead with it as they can manage and Manish also offers to support Sonal. Sonal suggests whether she could do it next year but Pushpa refuses saying that when they take a decision they should apply it immediately else it would get faded away from their mind. Sonal agrees tongo ahead with her thoughts. They asks about her results the next day and Pushpa says she’s worried about the same.

Deepti says Ashwin about Prarthana and Chirag but Ashwin asks her not to even think about it as they can’t handle Bapodhara. Chirag suggests to make a romantic pre marriage sketch of Ashwin and Deepti as return gift and they immediately agree. Chirag makes their sketch and everyone praises it. Ashwin and Deepti were stunned seeing it. Pushpa shares her rajma Paratha rolls with Saran Sir who says that he misses a mother’s guidance and her handmade foods. Rashi suggests to go for adoption as when parents can adopt a child why can’t child do the same for parents. Saran likes the idea and wants to inform it to Nanavati sir to apply it on meeting. Pushpa and others leave for class.

Teacher announces that she would give the result of unit tests now while retest results will be given the next day. She starts saying everyone’s results when Rashi turn comes Teacher says Pushpa was right as its them who’s responsible for Rashi’s low marks last time. She says she’s class topper and Pushpa hugs Rashi happily. Pushpa gives the credits to teacher too as it’s her guidance which helped Rashi score well. Pushpa felt extremely happy. Nanavati told Rashi that Saran told about her idea regarding adopting parents and asks her to work on it to make it apply in real. He says she won in her challenge and asks whether she would want Pushpa to get terminated from the school mr. Rashi says she likes to study with her mother and doesn’t want her to get out of the school. Nanavati proclaims that Rashi will be Pushpa’s teacher from now and Pushpa gets elated.

Pushpa on her way to home with Rashi calls Ashwin and gives the good news. Rashi says she called Manish uncle and told about her results too. She says as much as then Sonal and Manish have also influenced her in performing well. Pushpa says Kaku about Rashi’s results and also about her idea of adopting parents. Kaku says it’s a good idea and recalls her son Pranav and Varsha not valuing her and calling her self centered. She recalls all the pain and says Pushpa that she’s lucky enough to have kids who love her so much. She asks what’s the use of her education when she couldn’t educate her own son properly and breaks down in pain. Pushpa comforts her.

Precap : Pushpa will say Kaku that her results will be out the next day while Kali will wish her good luck. Teacher will call out Pushpa to give out her results.

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