Pushpa Impossible 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Pushpa and her family celebrates Ashavari’s wedding anniversary.


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The episode starts with Ashwin getting Sonali’s call and advises him to not blow up the or small issue. Pushpa also calls Deepti and says the same to her. Ashwin and Deepti both assure that there’s nothing between them. Both Pushpa and Sonali assure their to be daughter or son in law that they can freely share their worries with them. Everyone cuts the call. Pushpa leaves teasing Ashwin that she caught him upset. He’s surprised that she managed to read through his expressions. He recalls a moment from childhood and recreates it with his friend Baskar. They both gets emotional during their reunion. Ashwin says he can’t think of leaving his family and Deepti. Baskar suggests to get him a job in Dubai too for few years but Ashwin outright refuses saying he can’t stay away from his family and Deepti no matter what.

Rashi brings ice cream to make up with Pushpa. Pushpa also accepts it and they both enjoy it. Pushpa says that she can never get enough of ice creams and recalls an incident with her father. She compares education with ice cream whose flavour would be devoured as they continue savouring it. Rashi’s ice cream falls while listening to Pushpa’s words and Pushpa gives her share to Rashi. Rashi sees the clock striking 12 and hurriedly wakes up Chirag. They all go to Ashavari’s House to wish her for her wedding anniversary. Pushpa takes their aarti and Rashi and Chirag makes them cut the cake. They all have a fun time. Deepti calls Ashavari for the wishing her and Baskar personally invites her for the party the next day. Pushpa plans the party in their house.

Susheela gives herbal medicine to Bapodhara and Bapodhara praises Susheela for always helping him with his needs. Susheela says that if he wants he can help him with her work too and praises him for keeping records of all the works written and indirectly asks him about Pushpa’s agreement copy. Bapodhara catches her intentions and scolds her for going against her own family to help Pushpa. He warns her to behave and leaves taking a file from cupboard. Susheela is sure that Bapodhara has kept it in the cupboard but wonders how to take it as he took away the key.

Pushpa is present in front of Nimrata who reads the stay order and says Bapodhara managed to defeat her using the loopholes. She says that she would contact her friend who’s a lawyer to discuss about her case. Pushpa request Nimrata to not say about the stay order pls rejection to Sonali as she would be worried. Nimrata agreed and Pushpa says they had a rough start but she’s really sweet to help her forgetting their bitterness. She wishes all the government employees to be like her and takes her leave. Rashi greets Sam in school and they see Pushpa and Parminder discuss about the result. They all go to class. During Hindi period, the teacher asks the students to explain about learning.

Rashi and Pushpa together raise hand and Teacher asks Rashi to say. Rashi says the same Pushpa shared with her last night about studies and ice cream. Pushpa feels proud to get defeated by Rashi. Teacher announce the result to all the results to everyone and Rashi gets failed. She prays for Pushpa to fail too else she would become a laughing stock in front of everyone. Teacher takes Pushpa’s name.

Precap : Aryan will send Rashi’s party pictures to her and Rashi will call him. Aryan will say that he will get his revenge against her ny sending the pictures to everyone including her mother. Rashi will get worried when Sam and Parminder together get a message. Pushpa will ask Rashi who’s Aryan.

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