Pushpa Impossible 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Vasundhra confronts Dileep!


Pushpa Impossible 23rd January 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Vasundhra asking Dilip why he lied for so many years, what about his kids and Pushpa as he never divorced Pushpa so she is not her legal wife. Dilip says it’s not like that there is a strong story. Vasundhra says sad part is you never shared it with me. Dilip says I was forcefully married to Pushpa, no one understood me we never had a good relation, we had two kids and she was pregnant with the third one when I shifted to Mumbai and my construction work was going on suddenly it was stopped and we got fired. I was all set to return when the building fell off and we were all in the blame and everyone put me in light. Due the accident everyone in my village was dicey if I was alive. I was in hiding from everyone for the case to settle and by the time I returned I saw my wife burn someone else’s body thinking it’s me. I thought it’s the best sign to leave this life and start something new.

Pushpa thinks about what the police says about resuming the case as Pushpa just saw an item of Dilip and not him completely. Pushpa gets afraid and confused thinking about this. Here, Bapodhra is about to leave when Sunny tells Bapodhara how his mother is living thinking his dad loved her so not to destroy her false hopes by revealing the truth so he can have the chawl and property as he won by bad means and he will never forget him for this and soon karma will hit him. Bapodhra feels bad even after winning so he drives back home.

Dilip says how he met Jodi da who made his fake id and helped him go to Dubai by not telling anyone. Dilip says I promised him to never forget his help and always help his family and if he ever goes to jail he will take care of things. Dilip says I used to send him money but it was through company so the manager ate all the money and when he got arrested I had to come to India, in Dubai I felt in love with you and cared for Mansi like my daughter so my love was not fake, I couldn’t say all this because that past never mattered to me. Dilip cries.

Bapodhra comes home and falls ill. Pushpa sees this and helps him. Bapodhra asks Pushpa not to tell Sushila. Pushpa takes Bapodhra inside and gives him Kadha. Bapodhra thanks Pushpa and says Dilip went that’s best as he would have killed her and the kids. Pushpa says wr share a different relation of fight and care. Bapodhra says I always think of you as a fighter the way you raised your kids and handled things. Here, Vasundhra says you have supported me at the time I was at the lowest so I am always greatful to you, my only sadness is I shared about my past but you didn’t. Dilip also gets emotional with her.

Precap – Mansi asks Vasundhra if she came here for Dilip. Pushpa denies to meet Vasundhra when Vasundhra says how they have Dharam as common point.

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