Pushpa Impossible 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Pushpa fails in her challenge and quite the school.


Pushpa Impossible 23rd September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Ashwin stuck between Sonal and Deepti. Ashwin asks what’s the problem and Deepti says that Sonal wants to invite many people for the wedding with so many functions. Sonal reasons that she has only one daughter and its her wish to see her get married in a grandeur way. Manish supports both Sonal and Deepti which irks both. Ashwin is stuck between both and doesn’t know what to do.

Ashwin calls Sonal mom and she gets awestruck and hugs him. Ashwin says that her reaction would be worth when he calls her mother and agrees it is. He says that when they can’t come to a solution they should ask their mother for one. He discusses it with Pushpa who finds both Deepti and Sonal right. She thinks that only Kaku can give right answer for the it and goes to her.

Pushpa says the situation to Kaku and Kaku as why she always comes up with the most difficult questions for her. Pushpa says it’s because she manages to solve the simple ones thanks to her guidance. Kaku says that they can make both win by a way. She asks Ashwin to support Deepti and explain he is a about Sonali’s point of view.

She also asks Pushpa to support Sonal and explain Deepti’s point to her. They both would come to a middle point which is the solution. Pushpa appreciates Kaku and praises her. She then says she understands what Saran Sir meant about clarity which Kaku has in abundance. Kaku asks if her result is next day and Pushpa says yes. She’s worried about it.

At class, results gets announced and everyone passes it. When it’s Pushpa’s turn, teacher says that she failed in three subjects shocking Pushpa. Teacher leaves the place while Pushpa sits stunned. Rashi tries consoling her but she Pushpa asks for some alone time. Her inner conscious calls her over confidence reason for her failure. Pushpa recalls all the struggle she had gone through to get the admission and breaks down.

School board members says that the result is clear and Pushpa must be expelled from school as they can’t compromise with their 100% results. Pushpa leaves the place. Saran and Nanavati wonder whether they have a way to get Pushpa stay when Pushpa comes there. She apologizes Nanavati for disappointing him and accepts her results as she failed to prove herself. Pushpa gets emotional goodbye

Precap : Bapodhara will mock Pushpa’s failure in front of everyone.

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