Pushpa Impossible 24th August 2022 Written Update: Pushpa is worried about seeing Rashi’s love for her father.


Pushpa Impossible 24th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Damini asking Bapodhara whether he brought goons to throw out Pushpa’s things. Bapodhara lies that he was just calling people to help Pushpa but Damini exposes him and calls him out for throwing things without owner’s permission and calls it legally offensive. She blames Asthana for being partners with Bapodhara. Damini says to court that it’s already difficult for single women like Pushpa to raise kids and earn for the house and the society is making it more difficult for them. She pleads judge to give judgement in favour of Pushpa so that many other ladies like her would not lose trust on the law.

 Judge says that whatever presented in court was completely different from the actual story. He condemns Bapodhara for his illegal activities and orders to arrest him. He demands him to pay 25000/- as fine to Pushpa and orders that Pushpa will get her house back. He scolds Asthana for his malicious behaviour and suspends him. He suggests an enquiry on him from bar commission. Prarthana and Susheela were crying while the others rejoices Pushpa’s victory. Pushpa says Damini that the most important things for her is her house and studies and she saved one today. She thanks her for the same. Damini takes her leave.

Pushpa happily enters the Chawl and takes off the legal notice. Ashwin tears it off. Kaku does her grahpravesh and they starts bringing things one by one inside. Chirag sees upset Prarthana and feels bad for her. Rashi brings her father’s picture and lights candle and incense sticks in front of his picture. Ashwin and Pushpa notices it. Pushpa shares her worry about Susheela with Radha Kaku when Susheela enters the Chawl. She prays God.

Pushpa hugs her and Susheela says that Bapodhara paid for his mistakes. However she’s worried whether it would affect her daughter’s life. Pushpa asks her not to speak rubbish and assures that she will make sure to bring out Bapodhara. She says that she may have issues with house owner but not her friend’s husband. She says she did so much for her and this is the least she could do. Susheela hugs her in happiness.

Rashi celebrates rakhi with her brothers. She first ties rakhi to Ashwin and blesses him to get rid of all his problems. He gives her 500 rupees. Then she ties rakhi for Chirag who asks her to pray for him to get a good job. She agrees and he too gives her money. Rashi gives her gift money to Pushpa who asks her to keep it herself. Rashi acts mature saying that she can understand the need for it and goes to get father to pray. Pushpa gets worried seeing the false image Rashi developed for her father in her mind and worries what if it get broken.

Precap : Sonal will ask Ashwin if he is sure that he wants to go to Dubai and Ashwin will say yes. Sonal will say that she won’t let Deepti married to him if that’s the case.

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